Wow, it’s August 2014!


Another month has come and gone. The first week of August has been pretty… eventful. And stressful. I had finished my thesis defense just a couple of days earlier, and I was rushing to complete the revisions and the clearance procedures so that I could get my diploma.


We had to upload our thesis into our library system (along with filling out information and doing some other things) and we had to wait for an email telling us it’s been approved before we could print out our thesis. The whole process takes 1-3 days. Luckily, they replied around 30 minutes after I uploaded mine.

I had to give 1″ pictures for some documents so I went with Ene to the photo booth in NTU. We biked from the entrance to the area where the photo booth was located. By the time we got there, I was sweating and my hair was stuck on my face. Eww. We’re not allowed to smile for pictures such as these, hence the face. Oh well!

Yay! I got a postcard from Jill. She went to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago to join this summer workshop/activity thing on urban planning and design. When I saw a post about that, I thought about her because it’s part of her course and so I figured it’d be a good experience for her if she were to attend.

Around 2 years ago, I went to Myowa Cafe with Richelle. Ene saw my posts and told me that she wanted to go because she loves matcha. Fast forward to early this week and we finally went to Myowa Cafe together. There was a long waiting time (around an hour, if I remember correctly) and we were super hungry by then because we hadn’t had breakfast or lunch, so we decided to eat at Cozi Burger first. When we were finally seated at Myowa, we split an order of their set meal and a smoothie. Yum!

I was finally able to go out with my cousins again.I remember Richelle asking me towards the end of last month when I would finish writing my thesis because then they’d know if they can invite me to go out again. Hahaha awww! Here I thought they didn’t want to go out with me anymore when in fact, they were deliberately not inviting me because they knew I had to focus on my thesis.

My boyfriend gave me my first Naruko products, which is this Taiwanese beauty brand. When I was looking for a night cream and an eye cream, I saw their products on the shelves and decided to look around. I ended up buying this Apple Seed and Tranexamic Acid (Black Spots and Lines Defying Eye Concentrate) and Tea Tree (Shine Control and Blemish Clear Night Gelly). The packaging is so cute! I’ll post a picture next time (I haven’t taken a pic cos I’m quite lazy). I hope they’re good to use too. These two products cost around 800 NT. It’s so hard to be a girl! Hahaha.

I got my hardbound thesis and immediately started doing the clearance procedures. Good thing the process in NCCU isn’t as taxing or as time-consuming as that in UP. I was able to immediately get my diploma after I completed the clearance process. If I remember, we had to wait for a couple of months before we got our UP diplomas because they said there were a lot of graduates. Tsk. I’m officially a Master’s graduate of NCCU, with a degree in International Studies (International Development track). Wee! Also, who would’ve thought I could write a 100-page research?? Yikes. I didn’t. I didn’t expect my thesis to reach, or to even exceed 100 pages! Whoops.

We had always passed by this Japanese restaurant that seemed interesting to me because of its huge windows and pretty lights (for me at least). We finally decided to have early dinner there the same day I had gotten my diploma. I ordered the salmon sashimi rice bowl and he ordered the katsudon (?). Yuuum. Can’t wait to go back to eat more sashimi! After early dinner, we went to this coffee shop beside the restaurant and had coffee – well he had soy milk coffee latte (?) and I had rose milk tea. It was all right.


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