Interesting Reads: A Program That Turns Rehab Into a Game


I recently read this article on Bloomberg Businessweek entitled “A Program That Turns Rehab Into a Game” that talks about how game theory has been used for stroke patients undergoing rehab. I remember that time I signed up for Coursera’s Gamification class that taught about what gamification is and how it can be applied to different fields. It’s basically using games and points or rewards systems in order to get the user to continue using the app/software because they’d be enticed by the points or rewards. I didn’t finish the class so I’m not really sure but I think that’s the gist. Anyway, this article talks about Jintronix, this software created by a group of people from Montreal, that incorporates Microsoft’s Kinect to their game consoles and allows the rehab patient to play games using their bodies.

“Jintronix sells the Kinect for the standard $250 and charges $50 a month for its software, which lets physical therapists program routines for patients and adjust the difficulty as mobility improves.” The subscription-based software has also been FDA-approved. It seems pretty interesting and it’s good that there are software developers out there who aim to provide cheaper alternatives to people that don’t have a lot of money.


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