But first… lemme take a selfie.


There are days when I spend some time going over my old blog entries to see what my life was like back then, or what I was doing at that time, and I realized that I used to blog a lot. I would write about super random things, and I would even write about what I did in a given day even if it was only to watch TV or to run some errands. I’ve also realized how much more open I was before, how less of a private person I was. Therefore, I’ve decided that from now on, I will really start to blog more often. I will also stop caring about what others will think or will say and just write about what I really feel or what I really want to write about. I’m thankful that I have those old entries to remind me of the experiences I have gone through.

Since I started using Google Photos, I discovered that I can post pictures here through the link, and I won’t even have to use my WP’s memory space. Woot! This means that I can include pictures in my blog entries again! And I won’t care if you guys judge me. Haha although I hope not too harshly. :P

I woke up like this. Haha no combing, no wiping off the oils (eww), no make up, no filter selfie.


This was my 2-week thesis schedule. Thankfully, I was able to stick to this schedule and I was able to finish the first draft and submit it to the department and to my committee members on time (my committee members gave me an extra day though. Hihi)

I was watching the GER vs ARG World Cup Finals match when the light in our room suddenly went out! I was left with the light from my laptop. Haha I sent this picture to my bf and that’s why I had a “sad face” expression, because I was telling him that our light went out.

I printed out 2 hard copies of my thesis draft to give to my committee members. My committee has 3 members – my adviser and 2 other profs, but a soft copy sufficed for my adviser and so I was able to save money on that. Haha the current thesis draft has a total of 108 pages. Yikes! I didn’t think I’d be able to write that much.

Went to the IIR “up in the mountains” because one of my comm. member’s office is located there. It sort of feels like UP in that there were a loot of trees and a large land area!


I wanted to take an #ootd shot while my boyfriend and I were waiting for the cafe to open. We went to the MRT station to wait because it had air conditioning and it was super hot outside! Earrings: Gongguan (Taiwan) Top: Zara (Spain) Shorts: Wufenpu (Taiwan) Shoes: Taipei Main Station underground mall (Taiwan) Bag: Danshui old street (Taiwan) HAHAHAHA most of my things were bought here in Taiwan! I bought the Zara shirt when I was in Spain last 2011 and I recently “discovered” it again (it had been hiding in my closet XD) so I decided to wear it that day.

Brunch at Number Nine cafe! I had the waffles with fresh fruits, and ze boy had the beef cheeseburger. I didn’t really like most of the fruits that went along with my waffles because they were sour! It felt like they weren’t in season. The fruits were 6 kiwi slices, 3 canned peaches, 2 banana slices, 3 apple slices, 2 orange slices). I would’ve wanted mangoes or something that was more in season (read: sweeter) I also ordered the matcha green tea because my cousins said it was good. And it was. We also found the glass very entertaining because it didn’t have a flat bottom so it would rotate round and round. I’m gonna write a blog entry about this over at http://chuadventures.typepad.com/, which is a blog my sister and I started to document and share our adventures mainly in Japan and Taiwan.




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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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