It’s Julyyy 2014!


And just like that we’re already past the halfway point of this year. In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be defending my thesis and then after that, I’ll officially graduate. I do hope the thesis defense goes well and they don’t criticize me too much, and that they let me pass. Hahaha. I’ve been working like crazy the past few days trying to finish writing my chapters. I’ve only got myself to blame though, because I didn’t really focus too much on it the past months. I just wrote a lot of incomplete sentences and figured I could work on those “next time.” Well, now is “next time” because they’re due on Thursday, which is two weeks before my defense date.

Anyway, before that, let me just recap some of the things I’ve been doing/feeling since July started. Today’s the 8th of July, which means that we’re already a week into the month. When the month started, I received some good news such as the ingress (usage check?) of my translation money and our grades for HR class. Our professor uploaded our papers along with his comments in the class Dropbox folder, which meant that everyone will be able to see it! Huhuhu. But, because of that, I found out that I got the 2nd highest score in class for my paper, and I also received really good comments from him, praising both my paper and my English. Hihi.

The week in pictures:

On the rare days that I get to eat breakfast. This is a bowl of corn flakes and chia seeds. Hehe. Sometimes, I like my corn flakes soggy.

Got this beauty set from Etude House. They were on sale and so I asked Roxane to buy them for me. There’s a CC cream (although I still have that other one that my Korean friend got me from Korea – it’s the exact same one), a foundation/BB/CC cream(?) brush, and a pore cleaning cream. These are all for the price of 1 CC cream (at least here in Taiwan, where Korean products are 3x more expensive compared to how much they cost in Korea, tsk) and so I thought it was worth it

Roxane turned 21! She was in an orientation camp on her birthday, so we weren’t able to celebrate then. We celebrated 2 days later. Goku was in Xiamen.

We went to this restaurant called 舊識, which serves steak set meals. You choose your steak (I went with the shoulder part, and it’s reallyyy good!!!) and there’s salad, soup, 2 appetizers, a drink, and dessert. Yum!


  • Ugh, HRs.
  • Now I sorta understand this “angle lang yan” (it’s all in the angle) comments some people make. Kahit minsan di naman talaga. Anyway, dapat matuto akong umangle XD (even if sometimes it’s obvious that they’re really like that and it’s not just an angle. Anyway, I have to learn how to find my angle.)
  • Thesis at 100+ pages.Have to print 4 copies of the final draft, 4 for defense, and another 4 after. Ugh, such a waste of money and paper.
  • So many words at the tip of my tongue, and I have to spend a good few seconds to try to remember how to say things. Huhu
  • Can you believe that the Philippines generates 30, 000 tons of solid waste daily? And that Metro Manila produces 8, 000 tons?
  • Jacking up (usage check?) on coffee and tea and running on less than 4 hrs of sleep. How’d I let myself get like this? Tsk, so disappointed.
  • Received an email about a GIS engineer position. Uhh, nowhere in my resume does it say I have GIS experience. :\ would be cool to learn tho.

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