Second half of June 2014


So these are some of the things that happened in the second half of June, which recently ended.

It’s already July!!! We’re already on the 7th month of the year. Wow. At this point, I can pretty much say that overall, the past half year has been good. I feel really blessed and thankful for the opportunities that have come my way, despite also not being able to have some opportunities because of certain restrictions or whatnots. I’ll probably write a half-year review or a year-end review next time!

This is a picture taken on our last day of class. Our professor brought pizza and wine! The gadget on the bottom right picture is an electronic wine bottle opener. So cool!

I also posted the picture on my Instagram account, and I included this caption – “Really happy that I decided to take this class despite knowing how stressful and demanding it is. Learned a lot and I can say that this is one of the best classes I’ve had in NCCU, and with one of the best professors I’ve met here. :) too bad future IMPIS students won’t get a chance to have him as their professor, as he’s moving to Kaohsiung this August.”

Miaomiao feeding her 4 kittens! They’re so cute when they line up and drink milk together. 

I was writing my thesis when ze boy suddenly brought me a bowl of peeled and pitted lychees. Awwww, so sweet!

The World Cup season has started, and since I’m a fan of Spain’s national team, I stayed up to watch their games. I remember watching the finals 4 years ago with my dad. If I remember correctly, the match started at around 3 in the morning. We watched it until past five in the morning. It was worth it though, because my dad and I got to bond over football, and my favorite team won! This year, for some reason, Spain sucked! They lost all their games and now they’re out of the running. Huhuhu oh well, I guess they’re getting old. I’m gonna miss them!

B and I also tried out this apparently vegetarian restaurant near the Dapinglin MRT station. It had pretty good food, so all’s good. The next day, we had breakfast at this chain breakfast restaurant that serves cheap traditional Taiwanese breakfast.

Submitted my HR term paper after only writing it (from scratch, I might add!) for less than a week. It helped that I had a pretty good idea on what I wanted to write about and then I started looking for data and reports to back up my claims and to build up my argument. I hope it’s good.

(From my Instagram) Had dinner at Philly Cheesesteak 起司大衛 with Dom, Judy, Diana, and Stan! Food was so-so, and less than halfway through eating my coconut chicken curry rice, I saw a dead fly. Huhuhu they gave me a full refund and a free pudding. Good thing I was already kinda full by then from eating half of a Philly cheesesteak and half of a jalapeño popper. Why do these things happen to me? On the other hand, at least I get free stuff!

Diana even recalled the time I got free macarons from TWG in Singapore. Hihi. Sasy said that macarons from Laduree were better than those from TWG, and then this guy who works there suddenly says that TWG macarons were better. Apparently, he’s Filipino. The store manager as well as the cashier were also Filipino, and for some reason, I joked with them telling them if they wanted to give us free samples. The store manager gave me a box of 6 macarons! Wooo! I shared it with everyone, of course. We took turns having a bite of all the different flavors. Yummy.

Anna is also an EL Spanish major but I think she graduated even before I entered UP. I had heard so much about her though, because she used to be part of EURO (one of my student organizations). She came to Taiwan to visit her ex-flatmate (in Barcelona) who’s currently teaching in Tamkang University, and she messaged me asking if I was free to meet up. It was our first meeting in person! We had been following e/o on Instagram and we’re FB friends. Heehee. We ate at an HK-cuisine restaurant and spent the afternoon talking about a lot of things. I’m glad I was able to use my Spanish again! :)

Went to the meeting at Nanjing and it went pretty well, I think. I was there for almost an hour and I got to talk with higher-ups. Personally, I think that was pretty cool because it just goes to show how they’re not SUPER into hierarchies and all that where the higher-ups do not know or do not care about lower-level people, and vice versa. Maybe that’s just me. I’m gonna talk more about this soon. I hope everything turns out well!!!

After that, I stayed at McDo to work on my thesis, and then went to this restaurant near NCCU for our IMPIS dinner. Our director wanted to have a dinner as a sort of farewell party for us (although they didn’t really plan anything – souvenirs or whatnots) and so they treated us out to 熱炒 – which are these 100NTD dishes that go together with beer. I only had a glass of whisky beer (the latest product of those beer girls) and I even mixed it in guava juice. Hahaha! The dishes are mainly fried or stir-fried. Or maybe it depends on what you order. Hmm.

Had lunch with Dom and Judy one last time before they left Taiwan. We were supposed to go to Shark Bites Toast because I wanted them to try it but there were a lot of people and we didn’t have a lot of time so we went to Dante Coffee instead.


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