April 2014


FUDGE April has ended! KMN.

  • Had lunch with Jose and Milan at Yummy Hub
  • Attended the Hi-Recruit event at TICC, which is a job fair organized by some governmental agencies especially for foreigners. I thought it was going to be for jobs here in Taiwan but turns out, most of them are for jobs abroad. There are Taiwanese/Taiwan-based companies who are looking to hire talents to send to their overseas branches. Ugh.
  • Met up with some SJ friends who were here on vacation. We walked around Ximending and had dinner at Saizeriya. Yummy and cheap!
  • Went with Ene, Abby, Kuya Ronald, and Heidi to the northwestern coast of Taipei. I don’t know who found about about it, but Ene invited me and I’m glad I joined them because I got to see new places around Taipei. We went to Laomei’s Green Reef 老梅綠色礁岩, Jinbaoli Old Street 金包里老街 in Jinshan 金山, Hengshan Rice Terraces 橫山梯田 (which are among the few remaining rice terraces in Taiwan), and Qianshui Bay 淺水灣 for the sunset. It was a bit tiring because we kept waiting for the bus and riding for a long time before reaching our destinations, but it was worth it of course. At night, I met up again with my SJ friends at Danshui. We walked around and had dinner at this hotpot restaurant.
  • Heard mass with Tahong over at Guting, and then had lunch at this Vietnamese restaurant with Ene, Abby, Ate Joyce, and Kuya Ferdy.
  • Went around Taipei Main Station with SJ friends since it was their last day in Taiwan.
  • Had dinner at 圓山滷肉飯, which is apparently this famous restaurant in that area. The food was pretty good, and the rice bowl is pretty big for its price.
  • Google Hangouts with Mom and Tiff.
  • Spent the weekend in Hualian for our department trip. I wasn’t supposed to join them because I didn’t want to pay but eventually, I was “hired” to be one of the tour guides (good thing my Chinese is pretty good) along with two other people in our department, so we were able to go for free!
  • Helped out during the LYTF interviews. It took the entire day, which was kinda a waste of my time because a lot of it was spent waiting and just sitting around but at least I can say that I’ve experienced something like that. Tahong came to pick me up and we had dinner at Saizeriya Shida where I bumped into Eric! Aww.
  • Watched the documentary “Ghosts of Rwanda” for our human rights class
  • I received an email from XXX about their written test. I didn’t expect to receive an email because it’s been around 2 weeks (or 3?) since I applied and I thought they weren’t considering me for the position. Too bad it’s only for an internship though. It would have been better if it were for a full-time position so that at least I could be guaranteed of a 1-year contract with them (if ever I pass the test and interviews of course).
  • Met with V to talk about their company and other options that we had. Hmm, he sounds too good to be true. Do they really want to hire me that bad? Well, let’s see.
  • Went to Jingmei with Tahong because Goku asked me to help him buy another one of those bags.
  • Lunch with Joanne at 1525. I’m glad that I got partnered with her to do our report, because she’s nice and she tells me stories of her experiences here in Taiwan and whatnots.
  • Sped walked (?) like crazy because I didn’t anticipate there to be traffic. I got to the office at EXACTLY the time we were supposed to be there. Oops! I hope I did well. Had brunch at Pond Burger Cafe. Biked from Jingmei, and I was THIS close to being successful if not for those 3 mini-trucks that were driving so fast. I fell down on the grass and scraped my knee. HUHU.
  • Tahong dyed my hair, and I spent the rest of the weekend working on my 2nd HR summary and PPT presentation. When I did my 1st one, the professor praised me both for my summary and my presentation so I wanted to do another great job. Glad to say I was able to get another commendation from the professor. Yay!
  • Had 滷味 with Anselma, Garance, and Milan after our HR class. You get to choose what you want to have in your bowl, and if I remember correctly, I chose 4 beef balls, 2 crabsticks, half a carrot, a small bunch of water spinach, and a pack of noodles. I didn’t think I’d get full but I did! I couldn’t even finish my order.
  • Last day of the month was spent having lunch with Eric and Milan at this hotpot restaurant near campus. Mahdi, Deti, and Ivonne also joined us but only Mahdi ate lunch with us. Later on, Jose came over, we went to Dicty Cafe where they bought coffee, and we went to the Roman Plaza to continue talking. We saw Monika so she joined us as well. We only separated when it started to rain and we had to go our own ways because we still had papers to write and books to read. I had dinner with Tahong and he gave me a blender-to-go as a gift. Hihihi weee! Can’t wait to start making shakes and stuff.

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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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