February 2014


Here I am again with my late monthly posts. I really have to work on that. Ugh. Anyway, here’s a rundown of what happened in February (mainly from my planner):

  • Went to Wulai with relatives. We ate lunch at one of the restaurants that were open (it was the CNY holidays), walked around the “old street”, took pictures by the cherry blossom trees, and went home. I met up with some of my HS classmates at Wufenpu and we ended up going to Raohe night market as well.
  • Went to 7ku’s house at Linkou to have lunch and hang out. They played mahjong while I watched TV with my cousins. Then, we went to Jingmei night market to walk around. Ended up eating at McDonald’s because we wanted to sit down and because we wanted to try out their new burger. Went home and played mahjong with Richelle and Roxane while watching this Korean comedy-drama movie titled Secretly, Greatly (偉大的隱藏者). It’s a good movie.
  • We went to this fish restaurant over at Daxi 大溪 because apparently, it’s my relatives’ tradition to go there at least once a year during the CNY holidays. We ate fish cooked in different ways, some vegetables, and rice. After lunch, we walked around the Shimen Water Reservoir 石門水庫 and park area before heading to my Goku’s friends’ house to pay them a visit.
  • Joined the lunch buffet celebration at Goku’s previous company. Yummy food! We also walked around the Banqiao flower market 板橋花市 for a while, but there were some stalls that weren’t open since it was still the holidays. 
  • Had a Starbucks study session with Roxane
  • Went to the Old Master Q 老夫子 exhibit with Enelyn. We grew up reading the comics so we wanted to check out the exhibit. We liked one of the features, which was this machine that could turn you into a black and white character and you would show up alongside other Old Master Q characters inside a preset comic strip. That was pretty cool! We had lunch at Chocoholic (Eslite Spectrum branch) and the service was really bad. The food was all right.
  • Met up with B and went to Raohe night market for dinner, and then walked around Wufenpu 五分埔 to look for clothes. He was able to buy a couple of polo shirts and I bought some tops as well.
  • Dinner with B and his friends at Mint Pasta (our fave pasta place) and then had coffee at 85C. It was such a cold night!
  • Went to Jingmei to print pictures and to buy a bag for Goku (he asked me to buy it for him cos his got broken), and B also gave me a camera batt! Yay, I can finally use my camera again.
  • Went to Gongguan and Carrefour to buy some things, claimed the pictures, and made a scrapbook!
  • Returned some books at the library and had coffee with Milan at Mo’s. Met up with B at the HSR station, had dinner and waited for our train to Kaohsiung.
  • [Kaohsiung] Had dinner at our favorite Sukiyaki restaurant, walked around the Love River for the 元宵 celebrations (there was a parade and some performances), fell in line to get our own DIY horse lanterns (which we later assembled by the pier), had Hawaiian latte at Crown and Fancy (yummy!), exchanged gifts, and watched a movie!
  • [Kaohsiung] Basically spent the rest of my time in Kaohsiung watching movies, going to night markets (金鑽夜市,凱旋夜市), going to a crafts store 玩9創意, and having lunch at this all-you-can-eat meat place called Cow on Fire 著火的牛
  • Paid tuition, lunch and talk with Jose, first SCM class, A orientation, walked halfway home
  • B came over and gave us drinks, had brunch at Frame Diner, he taught me how to bike, and then I met up with my cousins at Taipei Main and we went to Zhongli night market 中壢夜市 in Taoyuan. They have pretty good food too – some of which aren’t in the night markets here in Taipei
  • Practiced biking and saw the video from B of me learning how to bike. :”>
  • Had dinner with Milan and Anselma and then 7/11 ice cream with Milan
  • Went to LYTF to work on some stuff, and then met with Enelyn to watch the I Have It Maid documentary at Ming Chuan University. After that, we went to Shilin night market and came across this burrito restaurant called King Burrito and decided to eat there. Really good! I noticed that they recently just opened and that was one of the reasons why I wanted to try it out. Another was because I was craving for burritos then. Heehee.
  • My cousins and I went to the Teddy Bear Museum (from Jeju Island) exhibit over at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. Richelle’s friend also came with us. The bears were so cute! The exhibit area was kinda small though, so there wasn’t really that much to see. It took us only around an hour to see the whole place and take lots of pictures. It was also hot inside (I think they didn’t turn on the air conditioning?) and because it was a sunny day out, there wasn’t a cool breeze from outside either.
  • Met up with B and his friends at Maokong for dinner.
  • That’s the end of February!

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