January 2014


It’s officially 2014. Wow! The past 2 (or even 3) years have been wonderful overall, despite having a lot of ups and downs. I do hope 2014 is going to be another wonderful year even if I’m sure that it’s going to be one filled with uncertainty. I’m finishing my program this year, and after that I don’t know if I’m going to stay here or if I’m going somewhere else. I also don’t know where I’ll be working if ever. I don’t know what I want to do with my life. Sigh. Before all those though, I need to finish writing my thesis. I’m also not quite sure with that – I’m not really sure of the direction the thesis should go to, or how I should go about writing it. Anyway, there’s no point in me wasting my time worrying about all those things so the best thing to do is just to work at all of those one by one, and live life day by day.

The first few days of the year was spent in the Philippines, with my family and friends. Here’s a rundown of what happened this month:

  • Tried Pizza Hut’s ultimate 7-cheese pizza. I like the Taiwanese version better. I found the Philippine one to be too salty.
  • Met up with one of my best professors when I was still an undergrad, along with some of my best bloc mates turned really good friends. We had lunch at UP Town Center, which is this new place near our campus. Tried this restaurant called Pinac, which serves Capampangan cuisine, and I must say it’s pretty good. We chatted and shared stories, although it still feels awkward to be having lunch and talking about random things with your ex-professor — and someone you really like and respect at that.
  • Had coffee with another good friend from college and basically just talked and talked since we hadn’t seen each other in a long time. They were also finally able to meet B. Hihi.
  • The semester was about to end so we were busy with reports, presentations, and final requirements.
  • Went to Leofoo Village Theme Park with B because the tickets he bought a month back were about to expire. We were originally supposed to use them a month ago but it was raining that Dayana I had my period so we didn’t end up going. We went on a good day – it was sunny out and it wasn’t too cold. There weren’t a lot of people there prolly because it had been cold the previous days so not a lot of people thought of going, which was good for us. Hihi! We got to ride all the rides (except those that were really for small children like a mini-ferris wheel or a mini-train) except the 2 super scary ones. Didn’t have the courage to ride those. Rode a lot of other scary rides though, like the 360 degree ones. All in all a good day!
  • Timothy was leaving to study abroad for a semester, so we had a despedida dinner for him. Aww, I’m surely gonna miss having him around as he’s my first real Taiwanese friend in the program and we’ve become super close the past year.
  • B gave me the bunny tissue that I showed him. Heehee I was so surprised and so touched because I didn’t know he was going to buy it. It’s this tissue box with a bunny on the side and it’s really soft and perfect for those who get allergies and keep having to blow their nose as it will not irritate your nose. It’s that soft! It’s pretty expensive though, here in Taiwan. It’s cheap in Japan, mainly  because it is after all a Japanese brand.
  • Had my thesis proposal oral exam, which I passed. Still have to work on my causal mechanism and just the basic framework and flow of my thesis, but at least I’ve passed the first step even though I just really haphazardly wrote that. Tsk, tsk, Thea.
  • For CNY eve, we went to Longtan because it was my relatives’ annual tradition. We passed by a family friend’s farm, got some vegetables, and then went to the restaurant for dinner with the family friend’s family. Hahaha. They had this raffle where we won some money, and then they gave out scratch cards but I didn’t get anything from that. After the yummy dinner, we went to their house to hang out. Watched TV and then scratched some more cards. We won money again! YAY!
  • For CNY, we went to Banqiao to pay a visit to uncle’s former boss. We had lunch with him at a teppanyaki restaurant that was open. After lunch, we went to Nangang for the 2014 Ice World ice festival. Brrr! The sculptures this year were better than the ones last year, and the space is bigger too. Since it’s in Taipei, there were also more people compared last year (which was in Hsinchu).

Now for my random thoughts:

  • I was researching on the Philippine electoral system for one of my reports when I stumbled upon this news article saying that according to Comelec Resolution 9720, a protest case could be filled within 10 days after a winning candidate has been proclaimed. However, a protestant will have to pay a fee of P3, 000 per contested precinct. The article also says that in 2013, there were less contested cases compared to the previous elections (2010). Could it be because it’s kind of expensive to have a recount, and you’re not even sure if the results will turn out different. Does someone actually protest and end up winning?
  • Had some weird dreams. One was that there was this huge storm and strong winds that blew people to other places. One of the people that ended up in our house was this serial killer so I was trying to kill him before he killed us, and then he just disappeared when this other girl got blown to our house as well. The other was that I knew how to ride a bike and that I was riding the bike with ze boyfriend and my family. If only!
  • Recently, I’ve been thinking about the fact that I’m not really independent. I want to move out and try living on my own but then I think of all the money I’m gonna unnecessarily waste because I can continue living with my relatives anyway. Should I have gone to another country where I could have gotten a taste of being independent? Would my life have been any different if I did?

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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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