November 2013

  • My high school friends Clare, Belay, and Lesly came to Taiwan but they toured other parts of the country, and so we were only able to meet up on their last day here. We had lunch at the food court of Taipei 101, walked around, and then they had to leave to go somewhere else. It was still nice to see them even for just a couple of hours.
  • B and I found this cute cafe near our house, which had yummy sandwiches and cute interiors. They had free wifi but you have to pay to charge your laptop so that was a bummer. We stayed there for a couple of hours, each working on our own things, and then we had dinner at Juicy Bun all the way near my university! I had been wanting to let him try it out, and we finally found the time to go there.
  • My other high school friend Dianne also came to Taiwan with her mom to attend a wedding, and we had lunch together at Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe. The food is pretty overpriced, and there weren’t really a lot of hello kitty faces on them (maybe in the desserts?). Plus, the service was super slow. Still, we had a nice time catching up with one another and taking pictures. I used to hitch a ride with them to school back in my senior year of high school.
  • The conference happened this month, and it was pretty nerve-wracking because it was my first time presenting a paper at a conference. Kept practicing and working on my PPT the night before, and on the day itself, got there early so that I wouldn’t have to rush. It was a good thing that there were other sessions happening at the same time as ours, and ours was the only all-English one, so there weren’t really a lot of people who attended our session. There were only around 10 people in our audience, and they didn’t look mean or scary, so that was a huge sigh of relief. Our commentators didn’t “attack” us too, or ask super hard questions that we wouldn’t be able to answer. I was the only one who finished the whole presentation within the allotted time, so I didn’t rush and I didn’t have to cut anything out. My commentator also said that it’s a good paper and that it’s organized well. Wee!
  • Met up with my cousins at Shida after the conference. We went to Bambi Cafe for dinner, and then we went to the night market to walk around. I was able to buy denim shorts and boots. I’ve been wanting to buy boots for quite some time now, because I haven’t owned any and I wanted to try them, so I’m happy that I was able to find this pair.
  • My cousins gave me a foldable laptop (or book, or anything actually) table! It has 3 legs that you can twist and lock in place at different angles, depending on the type of table you want to use. So cute!
  • Had a Starbucks study session date with Richelle
  • My relatives came over from the Philippines so we had lunch at Banqiao and then we walked around in Carrefour
  • B was heading to Kaohsiung for a business trip,  so we had dinner at Shark Bites 鯊魚咬土司. The food and drinks we ordered were good! We also went to Guanghua and he bought me a bluetooth keyboard for my iPad.
  • Attended a focus group discussion over somewhere by NTU. I got lost for a bit because I didn’t know how to read the map. Oops! Shared our insights and suggestions on Taiwanese higher education for foreigners, and then got paid for it. Yay!
  • I bought a laptop bag from Dolly Club (made in Taiwan and waterproof!) because I’ve been looking for a laptop bag with handles and a strap for quite some time now, so when I saw that it was on sale, I bought it. I also bought some clutch that can be turned into sling bags for my friends back home.
  • We were dismissed early so we went to the area under the bridge for a coffee/bonding session, and we were also able to catch the sunset. It was a pretty good day.
  • Went to Toasteria to celebrate Ruth’s birthday. Ordered the brie grilled sandwich, if I remember correctly. Liked their food but the servings are kinda small so our tummies weren’t really satisfied. Heehee.
  • Mom and dad came to Taiwan for a few days, and they came at a perfect time because I didn’t have classes on the days they were here. Brought them around to different places – CKS Memorial Hall, Longshan Temple, Bopiliao, Tasty, Martyr’s Shrine, National Palace Museum, Da-Chien’s memorial house, and other historical places that dad wanted to see.
  • Read Crazy, Rich Asians and the Elixir Trilogy. For the past year, I think I’ve also read The Fault in Our Stars and The Happiness Project. I can’t remember the other books I’ve read.
  • Had the foundation event, so after that, B came over to pick me up and we had dinner at this roasted duck restaurant that ran out of duck at around 6:30PM! Whaaat. They must have been really good. We ended up ordering the chicken.
  • Watched World war z, 被偷走的那五年, Home Alone 5
  • Celebrated Halloween by shaking this Hello Panda type of snacks like crazy to get the insides to form a ball. That was tiring. Only Eric succeeded. Tsk, tsk!

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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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