I’m still alive!


So… I’ve been to the Philippines and I’ve been back in Taiwan for around a month now. That means school has also been going for almost a month.

Our Internet was really crappy in the Philippines, and I was busy meeting up with friends and basically just enjoying summer that I wasn’t able to blog. When I came back here, school started and because of academic and other responsibilities, I got even more lazy to blog. Yeah, excuses.

Here’s a rundown of what happened during summer vacation:

I was in the Philippines from July-August. I was originally planning on looking for an internship, but since I hadn’t gone home up until that time, I decided to just spend my summer vacation there.

Aside from Metro Manila, other places I went to were Naga (went wakeboarding at Camsur Watersports Complex, and went on a city tour), Coron (I’ll never get tired of this place! Went island hopping, swimming, snorkeling, and trying most of the new things they had to offer), Tagaytay (food trip and Taal volcano viewing), and Singapore (did a lot of tourist-y activities like Marina Bay Sands, Universal Studios, Luge and Skyride, Sentosa, etc.). I will blog about these next time!

I gained a lot of weight while I was over there because I kept eating (yeah, duh). Thankfully though, I’ve lost the weight I gained there. I’m still fat though. Hahaha!

This is the list of new restaurants that I tried in the 2 months that I was in the Philippines:

Yabu: The House of Katsu (lunch with Hershey)
Uncle Cheffy’s (dinner with mommy)
Spätzle Euro Market Cafe (lunch with Austin and Sarah)
Angel’s Kitchen (lunch with Austin and Sarah)
My Kitchen by Chef Chris (dinner with mommy, Kat, and Vim)
Hong Kong Seafood (?) in Dampa (dinner with 3C)
Pamana (lunch with Jad, Rox, and Josteen)
Balboa (dinner with ze Chinese girls)
Korean Village (secret dinner hahaha)
Skydeck View Bar, The Bayleaf Intramuros (secret dinner hahaha)
Legazpi Sunday Market (brunch with Rhea and Pao)
King Chef (dinner with scouting girls)
Brasserie Cicou (dinner with mommy)
Mamou Too (dinner with mommy)

This is the list of revisited restaurants:

Aristocrat (lunch with mommy, daddy, and B)
Cafe Breton (dessert with ze Chinese girls)
Sonya’s Garden (R&R weekend with mommy)
Starbucks (dessert with mommy and Martin)
Cyma Greek Taverna (dinner with Alya and Nikki)
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (dessert with Alya and Nikki)
Cibo (lunch with Sheila)
Auntie Anne’s (dessert with Sheila)
Teriyaki Boy (dinner with Jill)

Because I was in summer mode, I didn’t get any academic work done. Tsk, tsk. But that’s an overall view of how I spent my 2 months in the Philippines. This semester (and this month even) is going to be a demanding and stressful one – what with 4 classes, weekly essays in 2 of my classes, finishing a paper for a conference, starting work on my thesis, oral defense, volunteer work, and of course, let’s not forget my social life. Hahaha!

Here’s to hoping the sem still turns out to be a great one! Lezzdothis!


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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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