Thought Leader: Jennifer Jackley – Global Ethics Network


You didn’t ask this exactly, but I want to say one other part on this. I hope this is helpful. Sometimes I get worried that it’s too easy to connect and to tune out and to personalize our experience so much. One of my friends, Eli Pariser, wrote a book called The Filter Bubble, and he talks about how there is a danger that we will tune out the public sphere and the problems that face people other than us, because we can so easily tailor and filter just what we want to read about, just what we want to see, just who we want to connect with.

So I worry sometimes that anybody might be able to feel like they have checked off some box of being connected to the outside world, when actually it’s a very narrow experience, perhaps, just being connected to the people that they want to be connected to and hearing about the problems or the good things from only the people that they have chosen to include in their lives. It might seem like a broad community, but perhaps it’s not. It might seem like you’re doing things that do make impact, but I think, while there are easy ways to get involved and to make a great social impact—that’s true—they can be sort of detached sometimes, and maybe too quick, too fast—one click, just a few dollars.

That’s fine, but I wonder often, what does that do to the growth that can happen, the grappling with issues and questions that are extremely important? What does that do, when it’s almost too easy to get involved? Does that not give us the opportunity to stretch ourselves and to grow and to ask more of ourselves?

via Thought Leader: Jennifer Jackley – Global Ethics Network.


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