Never looking down


I went to Kaohsiung last weekend to visit Tahong again, since it’s been a month since I last visited him, and also because he’s still there for work. Tss. Got back last Monday and headed straight to school for the TA thing.

We had a meeting with our program director about thesis writing, and I find it weird for him to tell us not to take it too seriously and not to set our standards too high because it’s just an MA thesis. I don’t think he should’ve said that, haha, but anyway. I have the summer to think and write my thesis topic proposal, and I still have a couple of months left to look for an adviser. Proposal’s to be submitted in October, and then if it’s accepted, you go on to have your oral presentation. Whew, how time flies!

This other teacher is really starting to get on my nerves. He doesn’t teach anything in class, he doesn’t really listen when we report (he keeps going out of the classroom, or wiping his face with oil film, or whatever), and his English sucks. That’s probably the reason why he doesn’t teach anything in class, because his language level isn’t good. Tss. The class itself is interesting though. We’re learning a lot from each other’s reports and each other’s discussions and comments. Plus, we have a lot of things to do for this class. Tell me again why I took 4 classes this semester? Eek. I have a lot of papers, reports, and readings. Oh well! Think positive.

A lot of part time opportunities have been coming up, but I’m ineligible because I’m not Taiwanese. Huhu my friend/classmate is still a student but he earns like, 28k NTD on part time stuff. Sigh. Must. Not. Let. The. Green. Monster. Come. Out.

Thoughts on what I’m gonna do after graduation have also been coming up lately, as well as thoughts on what to do next year, since it’s gonna be my last year and I’m gonna have to write my thesis and stuff. I know I shouldn’t worry too much because things will always turn for the better, but I just can’t help worrying. I can’t bring myself to be carefree and happy-go-lucky especially with responsibilities and life in general. Hmm.

The weather was good yesterday so the 4 of us (Tim, Milan, Martin) went to the field to eat lunch. Then, the boys had other things to do so Milan and I stayed and studied. There was also a football match at the other side of the field so we would hear cheers every so often.

I met up with Merry earlier today and we had lunch together. We talked a lot, about each other’s lives, and about the lives of some of our friends. Hee. Probably meeting up again tomorrow. :)


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