Old friends


I’ve been feeling sick lately, most probably because of the changing season (winter-spring). According to my aunt, I also got sick this time last year. Tss, immune system!

Timothy and I went to Starbucks last Friday to work on the TA slides. Well, it was more of me making a second set of slides and him trying to understand the first set of slides I did the night before. So far, I’m in charge of making our slides and he’s in charge of checking (or sometimes translating) to Chinese. He’s also been in charge of actually teaching so far, because I’m not yet familiar with the Chinese terms for these stat stuff.

I met up with Jill (one of my childhood friends who is also currently in Taiwan!) last Saturday because she came up to Taipei from Taizhong, on her way to Taoyuan. We had lunch at this Hong Kong restaurant in Taipei Main Station. Talked a lot about things that have been happening in our lives, our worries and plans for the future, and life in general. B was there too, and after lunch, we went to Wufenpu (where he was able to buy 2 polo shirts, and a T-shirt), and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. We went to the park, where a little girl kept trying to show us how she’s able to use the exercise equipment there. She also kept trying to show off. Haha! Later on, she went to the swings and wanted her grandma to push her, but her grandma was on the other side of the park talking to her friends so she was completely ignoring the little girl. She then told us to push her, so I told her that she had to say, “please” but she didn’t want to so I said no. Kids and their manners. Tsk!

The next day, we went to Spot Cafe supposedly to have drinks, but there were a lot of people so we decided to just walked around. We went to the Museum of Contemporary Art but then B dropped his phone and the screen cracked so we didn’t feel like going to the museum anymore. He called up this company and they told him that dropping the phone wasn’t covered by the warranty and that it would cost almost 5k to change the screen. It only costs around 8k to buy a secondhand one, so he decided not to have it changed anymore. HUHU. We also went to the park near Zhongshan, and then we went to Yongkang St. for dinner. We also went to Chiang kai-shek Memorial Hall to walk around after dinner.

SCCD (Strategic Communication and Cultural Diplomacy) class is really nerve-wrecking, for me at least. The teacher randomly calls on you to ask you questions and to ask for your opinion and stuff. Sometimes, he’d discuss a new concept and then ask you if you agree/disagree, and what elements would you add/remove from the idea. It’s sorta hard for me because I want to have more time to really think about and understand the concept/ideas. Maybe I’m just slow.

I have this super smart and eloquent European classmate in one of my classes and I really envy her for being so. We’ve been talking during breaks lately, and I told her that I think she’s smart and all, to which she replied that she’s stupid because she can’t even find a guy who is ready to settle down with her. She’s a LITTLE bit envious that I’ve met my boyfriend’s parents, whereas her boyfriend still hasn’t brought it up. But come on, they’ve only been dating for a month! I’ve told her not to worry too much about it, and that Asians don’t really introduce partners to parents after only a short period of time, but according to her, she doesn’t have time to “take things slow” because she’s in her late 20s. Whaat! I don’t think that’s old. Anyway, I just hope her guy gives her peace of mind soon.

Sheena, who moved to Singapore when we were college freshmen, is vacationing in Taiwan with her family. We met up last Monday and I brought her to Coffee Alley. We ate waffles, drank smoothies, and just talked about the major things that happened in our lives since the last time we saw each other. It was nice to meet up with an old friend. Hee.


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