Melange 米郎琪


July 28, 2012

My uncle and other cousin (Roxane) went to Xiamen, so my aunt, Richelle, and I decided to eat out. We went to Melange 米郎琪, known for its waffles, sandwiches, drinks, and long waiting lines. Last time Richelle and Roxane came here to eat, they waited around 2.5 hours before they were seated. There were more than a hundred people waiting in line in front of them, and that was on a weekday. We met with the same fate. See that number up there? When we got there, they were serving number 193. We waited for almost 2.5 hours. Unlike other restaurants/cafés where you can leave your number and they’ll call you up when it’s almost your turn, or where you can make reservations in advance, Melange doesn’t do either. Therefore, if your number is called and you are not there, you go back to the end of the line. Tsk!

There was nothing so special about their food. Admittedly, it’s better than other places we’ve been to, but if I have to wait more than 2 hours for my food, I’d prefer just going some place else. It’s worth going to at least once though. At least I got to experience it. I’m gonna write about the food over at Manila Foodistas one of these days.


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