Why hello there


I recently bought an HTC One X Android phone and so I’m trying out this WordPress app for it. Not much has been happening lately – just going to school (summer term’s started), doing homework, going online, going out with friends etc.

I’m gonna post something more proper soon. I just really wanted to try this. I’m really happy that I got this phone. Totally no regrets! Well, I do wish the battery would last longer than a day, or that we could buy an extra battery, but such is not the case. You can’t have everything. Haha!

It’s been raining cats and dogs since last night and so I didn’t go to school today. Good thing though, because our school got flooded, and the roads on the way to school were also flooded. Tsk. I heard they told students to go home. I hope mine’s an excused absence. We can wish, can’t we?


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