How I’ve missed you, Coron! Day 3 :)


May 29, 2012

It was our last full day in Coron. We started off by going to Uncle Dan’s aquarium, where we saw a lot of groupers (lapu-lapu). Then, we went to Kayangan Lake! It’s still as pretty as ever. The only difference between then and now is that there are handrails. We stayed there for a couple of hours, and then we headed to Barracuda Lake. It’s actually more of a diving spot but since we didn’t have diving equipment, we just went swimming and snorkeling there.

After that, we went to Atwayan beach. We were supposed to go to Banol beach first but there were a lot of people so we headed straight to Atwayan. I also wanted to go to Twin Lagoons and the Lusong WWII Shipwreck area but let’s just save those places for next time! :) We went swimming and snorkeling (yet again) in Atwayan! There were also a lot of small fishes there, so we tried catching them. The only ones who were able to successfully do this were our companions (local guides). Pfft!

Our final destinations for the day were this floating restaurant where you could see a lot of big fishes, and Uncle Dan’s fish cage (where he found out that his mameng, otherwise known as humphead wrasse, were gone. Boo!) Spent the night going next door and talking to old friends. Hee!

I really love the laid-back, chill life in Coron. The people are also very nice. Lovely!


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