Hong Kong food 香港料理 and Elephant Mountain 象山


May 6, 2012

I met up with some of my classmates for late lunch. We went to this Hong Kong restaurant that serves authentic and really delicious food! I ordered the Peanut Butter French Toast, 3-meat rice dish, and a mango pudding with fruits on the side dessert. YUM! Since we know someone there, and since there weren’t a lot of customers in the afternoon, we stayed there for almost 3 hours just talking and eating.

After that, I went to MRT City Hall to meet up with Enelyn and other Filipino friends. They invited me to go with them to Elephant Mountain (which, from what I had heard about it, is one of the closest places that has a nice view of the city) and since I’ve been wanting to go there for quite some time now, I accepted the invitation.

We took bus 266 from MRT City Hall exit 2, and got off at Wuxing Elementary School 吳興國小. From there, you could follow the arrows pointing you to Elephant Mountain. We had to climb up for around 15 minutes (?) and since we were all… “physically fit” (HAHA!), we were panting like crazy when we got to the top.

Originally, we planned to get there before sunset so that we would see it from the top, but since we had to wait for some people to arrive, and we didn’t know how to get there (we had to ask the MRT staff), we didn’t make it on time. We were still able to see the sunset on the way up though.

I think we must have stayed there for a couple of hours, just talking, taking pictures, and breathing it all in. There were a lot of photographers there with their tripods and their DSLRs, taking lots of pictures of the view. After everything, we went back down and when we got back to our starting point, we were tired and our knees were shaking! Talk about being weak. It was dinnertime and we were hungry, so we headed back to City Hall and ate at Saizeriya, this Japanese chain restaurant located in Uni Kyuu. Yum!


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