Two After Noon – New Short | Wong Fu Productions


Two After Noon – New Short | Wong Fu Productions.

Director’s commentary:

Two After Noon revolves around the idea that two people can be thrown together, be attracted to one another, and connect on a meaningful level– but still not end up together. That may sound like a tragic notion at first, but that’s only if you interpret it as an ending. A common theme that fascinates me is that there are no real beginnings and endings; instead, everything is continuous and ongoing. There are so many things in our lives that are indefinite. Finding love and companionship certainly fit into that category. Sometimes you meet someone that seems, for a lack of better words, perfect. But then, for one reason or another, you don’t get to see that relationship all the way through. Instead, what that relationship could have been, is totally left in the dark. All you can hold onto is the indescribable feeling while it existed. But just because the relationship did not develop into something more, does that make it any less meaningful?

Sometimes, not everyone you meet along the path of life is intended to stay. Sometimes, you just meet them because they have something to teach you, something to make you realize, and then after that, they go. This has been one of my “thoughts” the past few years and you know what, I’m actually okay with it. I know that nothing lasts forever, and of course, no one lasts forever, so it follows that not everyone you meet, or not everyone you become friends with will be with you until you grow old. Sometimes, we meet people we wish would stay for a long time, but we can’t control everything. People will leave. I think the best way to deal with this is to just enjoy the moment you have with each person, and grasp every opportunity that you want to grasp, lest you regret it later on.

I love Wong Fu Productions’ videos because they can make both dramas and comedies. They also have Wong Fu Weekends wherein they show us how they are like as real people. Most of the time, they also make videos that hit a spot with me, with my friends, with a lot of people. They have the ability to capture and translate a thought into a short (or medium) length film.

I will forever be a fan. Wong Fu 4 Lyfe! Hee.


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