Supposedly last day in Xiamen/China


April 9, 2012

It was supposedly my last day in Xiamen, and in China, because I was leaving in the afternoon. Therefore, we did a few last minute tour before I left. In the morning, we had breakfast at this famous satay noodle restaurant. I hear they make everything from scratch/everything is freshly made. It was really delicious.

Then, we walked along the old streets until we finally reached Xiamen University 廈門大學. We met up with Andrea after her class, and then we went to Nanputuo Temple 南普陀寺 beside the university. After walking around for a while, we headed to this spa for a massage. The prices are similar to those in the Philippines, and def way cheaper than getting a massage here in Taiwan so yay! Then, we went to Bank Centre 銀行中心 (owned by Lucio Tan) for lunch! More delicious food! :)

Andrea, mom, and I went back home earlier because I had a ship to catch to Kinmen, but I found out that I was leaving 2 hours later (I originally thought the departure time was 1:50PM but turns out, it was 3:30PM, whoops!) We lounged around at home, played mahjong (hihi), and when the time finally came, went to the port. When we got there, we were told that the trip was canceled because of the foggy weather. I had to rebook my ship and my flight to the following day. We went back home and just played Tetris on DSi. XD


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