Dear ancestral home, I’m back! Day 3 :)


April 7, 2012

We went to Qingyuan Hill 清源山, also another one of the 18 views of Quanzhou 泉州十八景. We walked through the “Gate to Laozi Stone Statue 老君岩山門”, to “Laozi getting through Hangu Fort 老子過函谷關”, to “Confucius salute Laozi 孔子問禮老子”, and finally to the famous “Stone statue of Laozi 老君岩”. After that, my dad was tired so he stayed there, while mom and I, and this girl who accompanied us to Qingyuan Hill, walked up to the “heavenly abode of Yuanyuan 元元洞天” and to the “Seeing Dragon Scenic Spot 見龍台.” It was a bit hot that day (or maybe it’s because we were climbing up the hill?) so we stopped there, took a rest, and headed back down. We had lunch at this beef place, and then we went back to the hotel to rest.

Later in the afternoon, another one of dad’s friends came to pick us up, and we went to Shishi clothing city 石獅服裝城 because I wanted to go shopping. That was a bit disappointing because a lot of the prices were the same as in Taiwan, and I like the clothes here more, so I wasn’t really able to buy a lot. Then, we went to the beach side, where apparently, a resort (Gold Coast 黃金海岸) is being constructed. The place looks really expensive though. The beach, not so good. Philippine beaches are better, but at least I was able to see a Chinese beach. Haha!


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