Dear ancestral home, I’m back! Day 2 (Ashab Mosque 清淨寺)


April 6, 2012

After Kaiyuan Temple, we headed to Tumen Street 塗門街 (which means “Clay Street”) where the Qingjing Mosque 清淨寺/Ashab Mosque (in Arabic) is located.

The mosque was built in 1009. It is the “oldest among extant mosques in China” and “has been ranked among the first batch of key national cultural relics in safe-keeping and among the ten most famous temples in China.” The mosque isn’t really that big, but you can see a museum with a Chinese-Islam relations exhibit, stones with Arabic inscriptions, an ancient well, a “lotus cropping out of water” incense burner, sarcophagi, worshiping hall, etc. You have to pay 3RMB to get in.

After the mosque, we bought some shakes for refreshments, and then we went to this music store owned by dad’s friend. We had an afternoon snack of beef and meatball soup, and sticky rice at this small restaurant before heading to Confucius Temple 府文廟 and finally going back to the hotel.

For your information, the Confucius Temple was “…built in the beginning of Taipingxingguo of the North Song dynasty (976 AD). It’s the largest Confucius Temple surviving in South China. The present structure remains original of the early Qing dynasty, and was listed in the key national safeguard cultural relics in 2001.”


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