March 12, 2012


For some reason, Richelle and I were looking at food blogs at around 2AM last night. We wanted to start listing down the things we wanted to do (and by that we really mean all the food we want to eat) two weeks from today, when she will be having a 10-day break from school. So far, we have the following on the list: bake brownies, make Kracie candy, eat soufflé, eat canelé, go to Alishan. I can’t remember what else we have there but these are what I remember.

After class today, Maria and I went to 7-11 to hang out. It’s been a long time since we really talked and just hung out so that was pretty fun. We both felt tired and sleepy after some time, so we went our separate ways. I went to the library and took around an hour and a half nap. Then, I headed to the General Building for the Hualian field trip orientation. I was happy to know that my leader was the same girl who told me that my Mickey earrings were cute! She was also happily surprised to know that I was in her team. Yay! Our other team leader is a very bubbly girl, so I think I’m going to like my team. Wee! That’s good. I’ve also seen one of my other teammates. He’s this guy from Brazil and when he found out that I’m from the Philippines, he told me that he actually has plans of going to the Philippines soon. I told him to go for it!

There was also this other Taiwanese guy who was probably the Brazilian’s language exchange partner or something like that there. We talked for a bit in Chinese, and then he was translating whatever I said to English just so the Brazilian could understand. Haha! Too bad he’s not joining the trip. Oh well!

I went home to get Merry’s diploma receipt thing because she’s going back to Manila tonight and she needed that receipt. Good luck Merry! We walked around their neighborhood, looked at random things in random shops, and finally ate a little bit of street food – fried chicken lollipop (I think that’s what they’re called) and fried mushrooms! Yeah, yeah, unhealthy goodness!


Upper left: 7-11 has this ongoing promo thing where you can get Sanrio All-Stars’ accessory things by collecting stickers. One of the downsides though is you can’t choose the character because they’re in sealed boxes. I already have these two ->

酷洛米 Kuromi and 巧克力貓 Chococat

… and now I have 棉花糖貓 Mashumaro!

Lower left: The promo card. There are a total of 29 characters. Each accessory has a Swarovski crystal in it.

Upper right: Merry gave me this Eng-Chi/Chi-Eng dictionary! Thank youuu!

Lower right: I want this travel bag from Crumpler! If only it weren’t that expensive! Anyone? Hihihi.

Oh yeah, Tiff’s leaving for Japan tomorrow/later. Bye Tiffyyyyy! Have a safe flight!


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