Another day out with the relatives!


March 3-4, 2012

Richelle told me to accompany her to Longshan Temple. She’s taking the teaching licensure exam and she has this tradition of going to the temple before taking big exams or something like that. We woke up at around 8AM because we were meeting the travel agent at 9AM. We met up with her, I got my tickets to Xiamen, and I gave her my documents for the visa. Yeah, I’m going to Xiamen soon! I’ll write more about that some other time (probably after the trip or something).

I actually like going to the temple because I like the smell of incense. I find it relaxing and peaceful. After that, we walked towards Taipei Main Station. On the way, we passed by this Carrefour and decided to go inside to eat. We hadn’t had breakfast and it was around lunchtime so we were hungry. We also bought ingredients needed to bake brownies. Richelle found this recipe online and she wanted to try it out, so we’re making brownies soon! After lunch and the shopping, we continued walking to Ximen and we stopped by the 39TWD Daiso store to look around. We bought a couple of things. Haha! Finally, we were on our way home.

Lazed around the rest of the afternoon, and when dinnertime came around, we left the house. Sai is here for a couple of days, so we had dinner with relatives at Dot Dot in Shida. It’s an Italian restaurant my cousins and I had wanted to try for some time now, and we decided to bring our “older” relatives with us. Dinner was delicious! We ordered (and shared) a lot! Yummy!

After dinner, my cousins and I decided to walk around Shida night market before going home.

The next day, we had more delicious food for lunch and for dinner! Wee!


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