Philippines, Day 5


January 21, 2012

Day 2 in Baler!

Sandy and PE were finally able to join us. We had breakfast at Bay’s Inn again, but this time we tried different dishes than the ones we tried the day before. Mitch and I split the french toast and pancakes between us. We were very happy with the french toasts, because they were delicious!

After breakfast, we went to Charlie Does (the surf shop) and waited. There were a lot of people so we had to wait an hour before our turn. Sandy went ahead, and since Metch can surf on her own, she also went ahead. We just sat on the sidelines taking pictures of them. When it was our turn to surf, Sandy also took pictures of us. I was able to stand up again, and I was able to ride the waves like 5-6 times! Yayyyy! Stoked!

We bought pizza and pasta and brought it with us to Dicasalarin, this private resort that only guests of Bahia de Baler are allowed to go to. There were picnic tables around the area so we decided to have a mini-picnic there. Then, we went to the beach side and relaxed – took pictures, talked, and just walked around. We were among the first few people there, so we had the island all to ourselves for a while. It was amazing!

Since we were tired after all that, we went back to our rooms and took naps. We had dinner at Aliya, which had terrible service. Tsk, tsk! After that, we went back to Bayler to hang out. We ordered the fairly new San Miguel Apple alcoholic malt beverage and the chocnut turon. Chilled. Then, we went back to our rooms. Sandy came over and we talked about random stuff for a couple of hours. Then, we went to bed. Tiff and I woke up a couple of hours later to go to the Baler bus station. We boarded the 4:30AM bus back to Manila. Bye bye Baler! I had such a great time!


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