Philippines, Day 3


January 19, 2012

Tiff and I went to the hospital with Mom (she works there) because we were going to have lunch together, and it’s easier if we go to the hospital together. While waiting for Mom, Tiff and I went to visit Dr. Valenzuela. I had my eyes checked and I found out that in the span of around 4 years, my eye prescription has gotten better. My astigmatism is no longer there, and I think my right eye’s at 125 (from 100) and my left is at 100 (from 125). Yeah, they basically just switched places. Funny. We chatted with Dr. Valenzuela about random things, and we also reminisced about the times when Tiff and I were still little kids running around the hospital. Lol! We also visited Ninang Vangie and Ninong Conrad to say hi. We also chatted a bit with Dr. Nieva and he gave us the contact numbers of his relatives in Baler. Wee!

Our friends from Palawan were also there and we were able to talk with them for a while. Auntie Linda said that they’ve hired workers to construct a new extension to their house, so we have a new place to stay at while we’re there. Yay. I told them that I might come back around the last week of May and that if I would, I’d go to Coron to see them!

We had lunch at Balkan, this Yugoslavian restaurant in Makati. We’ve never had Yugoslavian food before, so when I saw it in one of the Groupon sites, I wanted to try it out. I’ll probably be writing about it over at Manila Foodistas sometime soon. Whoops, I have a lot of stuff to write there, but I only get to write once a month or so, because we take turns posting entries among the 5 of us. Haha! I can say that the food was delicious though, although their food consisted mainly in meat products. There wasn’t much to choose from.

After lunch, I went home to pack for Baler. Then, I went to SM Megamall to meet up with Pam and Rache. We met at Happy Lemon and we just talked. Teej came because we were going to have our Span bloc dinner after my meeting with Pam and Rache. We weren’t complete because Martha was too lazy to join us. Pfft! We were supposed to have dinner at Yabu, this new Katsudon place in Megamall, but there were a lot of people so we decided to eat at Mesa instead. It’s another place I’ll be writing about at Manila Foodistas soon. LOL. The food is pretty cheap (or maybe because there were 7 of us?) and it was filling. Our bill amounted to less than P150 per person. Ooh.

I went to the office to visit my former colleagues. Donna was late so Teej, Martha, and I decided to go to Starbucks. Teej treated me to an iced caramel macchiato. Martha also gave me 100php as cab fare, because they were telling me to stay longer at the office (hence making me miss the cheaper ride home). I was able to talk A LITTLE BIT with them, but then I had to leave because I still had to go to the bus station to go to Baler. Oh well, at the very least I was able to see them!


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