Taiwan scholarship program requirements


I decided to make this post just to remind myself (and also to answer my friends’ questions in the future) as to what was required of me after I had gotten the scholarship. I’m gonna make a post next time about the requirements for applying to the scholarship itself.


  • Visa application form
  • 2 (2 x 1.5) head and shoulder pictures with white background
  • Passport valid for 6 months
  • Birth certificate issued by NSO
  • NBI clearance (I think the current NBI clearance thing should state the purpose of that clearance, so if I remember correctly, they put “study in Taiwan” on mine)
  • Diploma and TOR authenticated by TECO (for this, you have to first have it authenticated by your school registrar duh, then you have to have that authenticated by DFA – which normally takes 5-10 days, and then you go to TECO for the final authentication XD)
  • Admission letter from Taiwan university
  • Medical exam clearance (the embassy has a list of affiliated hospitals/clinics – I went to the Ruben Bartolome Medical Clinic)
  • Acceptance letter to scholarship (from the embassy)
  • Study plan
  • Interview

– Documents are original and 2 photocopies
– P3100 (3 working days) – this will be waived if you are a recipient of the Taiwan scholarship program. Recipients of the Huayu scholarship have to pay (but I’m not sure if they’re to pay the full amount)
– add P1550 for expedition (expedite fee: 1 day)


  • Student visa
  • Certificate of immunization (Mumps Measles Rubella) – from the medical exam
  • Authenticated diploma and TOR
  • Terms of agreement for scholarship (you need to sign this)
  • Health/accident insurance valid for 6 months (optional because you can apply for this at your school in Taiwan)

NBI Clearance P115

Ruben Bartolome Medical Clinic

  • 878 J. Nakpil St. Malate
  • 5238231 loc. 5502, 5523
  • 5213857, 5254831
  • stool and urine samples
  • 50php for picture
  • 2500php student fee

Applying for an ARC (within 15 days after arriving in Taiwan)

  • Collect required documents (passport, resident visa, 4 photos, 1000NT (1 year), study plan (if you have studied in Taiwan for 2 years and you’re just renewing your ARC)
  • Go to the national immigration agency (I went to the Taipei City Office one – because there’s also the Taipei County office one, and the Taipei City office is located at No. 15 Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, MRT Xiaonanmen station exit 2 – there are signs so you’re not gonna get lost – well, I didn’t, and I usually suck at directions and stuff)

Bank account (it has to be the branch around the area where you live, and this is where your stipend is going to be deposited)

  • passport
  • ARC ID
  • deposit of 1000NT (I chose Chinatrust because it’s the bank affiliated with 7-11 stores, and since there are a lot of 7-11s (with ATM machines), it’s more convenient
  • deposit of 100NT if you choose to open an account at the post office (instead of at a bank)

NHI (4 months after getting your ARC)

  • application form
  • passport
  • ARC
  • 2×2 picture
  • You have to go to your local district office to apply, and then go to the Bureau of National Health Insurance to get the card
  • You have to cancel your NHI at the same local district office 2-3 days before leaving Taiwan. Fill out the withdrawal application form!

– I went to the Daan district office. From National Chengchi University, you ride bus 236 to MRT Gongguan station 捷運公館站, and then you take either buses 642 or 643 to Xinyi Xinsheng Road Entrance 信義新生路口. The address is 8/F No 86, Sec. 2, Xinsheng S. Rd. 新生南路二段86號8樓. The trip takes a total of around 40 minutes. Hope that the buses arrive quickly.

– The Bureau of National Health Insurance (for the card) is located at 5/F No 15-1 Gongyuan Rd. 台北市公園路15之1號5樓. I rode the bus 236 again from NCCU and got off at MRT NTU Hospital station 捷運台大醫院站 and started walking towards the building. You can also take the MRT and get off at the same station, exit 3. Turn right and start walking until you see the building (to your right). You won’t have to walk far. The bus ride took me almost an hour as well. LOL.


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