Closing time


Yay! We’re finally on winter break! That means that I’m going back to the Philippines soon! Wee, I can’t wait!

Before that though, let me just update this blog with what’s been happening these past few days.

I had my Chinese Carving 篆刻 class. We were gonna make rubber stamps via carving. I didn’t finish mine so the teacher let me bring it home. I still didn’t finish it the next day (because it takes a lot of time and effort) so the teacher told me to just keep working on it and I can show it to her when I’ve finished it. She also told me that I did a great job with the carving. Heehee, yay me!

I'm almost done! I've pretty much carved out 3 of the 4 characters.

That reminds me, I forgot to post about my Chinese knotting class. For that, I made this bracelet. Our teacher was so nice to give me ear hooks so that I can make earrings as well.

My bracelet and future earrings. Look at the pretty knot.

We had another class dinner, and this time we went to Witch House, this restaurant somewhere in Gongguan where you could play board games. The food was a bit too pricey for us, but since we were already there, we just decided to make the most of it.

I ordered the Tilapia baked in almonds and butter, and I must say that it is yummy! The dish came with a drink – and I got the iced coffee topped with ice cream. I’m gonna write more about this over on Manila Foodistas one of these days.

Class picture, lol

After eating, we started playing some games. We played Solo (which is like Uno cards), werewolf thing, and this counting game. Yeah, it was fun.

Counting game

Werewolf game

I applied for the National Health Insurance because it’s been 4 months since I got my ARC. The whole process took me around 30 minutes, I think.15 minutes when I applied for the insurance, and then 15 minutes when I applied for the card itself. It was really soooo easy. This is one of the MAJOR differences between a third world country and a more… progressive country. In the Philippines, you would never expect to have your documents/official stuff processed in 15 minutes. I hope the Philippines can someday be as efficient as Taiwan.

Daan local district office

Merry is here in Taiwan! We met up and had dinner at this Italian restaurant in Gongguan. We ordered pasta, and the serving was huge! Also, every order comes with unlimited soup and drinks. We were also served a basket of freshly baked bread. Yummy! Again, I shall blog about it over at Manila Foodistas. It was fun to catch up with her because it’s been a while since I’ve last seen her.

Merry and I at Gongguan

Uncle Johnson celebrated his birthday recently and so we ate at this pricey restaurant. I loved their healthy soup thing filled with mushrooms, pork, Chinese vitamins, etc. I also loved their seafood curry that you pair with the hot-off-the-oven fresh bread! YUMMY.

Yesterday was the last day of school, and like I’ve said, we’re now officially on winter break! We brought food for all of us to eat. After that, we played mahjong! Hee.


Cute mahjong tiles!

I was finally able to go to Raohe St. Night Market! It’s not as good as Shida, Gongguan, or Shilin though. Plus, it’s a bit far from where I live, so… I also went to the Dunhua branch of Eslite. They have a lot of cool stores, and the bookstore part apparently is open 24 hours! A lot of people go there and read the books that are on display. Wow! Too bad the area is a bit far from where I live. Oh well!

Bureau of National Health Insurance

Raohe St. Night Market 饒河街觀光夜市

Today’s voting day here in Taiwan! I usually don’t like to get into politics, but I’m not gonna hide whom I want to win. I really hope incumbent president Ma wins. I like how Taiwan currently is – it’s a developed country and they have a lot of ongoing projects that really help the country, and also makes things easier for foreigners like me. Therefore, I hope he can have another term so that he can keep improving the country.

Lucky cards


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