November 5, 2011


Hey big spenderrrr!

We had activities lined up for today as well. The day started with brunch, and then Richelle and I went to the Taipei International Convention Center to wait for Roxane and her friends. There was going to be a big balloon (I don’t know what to call it) around the area to celebrate Super Junior’s (this Korean boy band) 6th year anniversary, and since my cousins Richelle and Roxane are HUGE fans, we were going there to check it out.

It took a while for Roxane and her friends to arrive, so Richelle and I went into the TICC for the free air conditioning. LOL! Luckily, there were also 2 free entrance exhibits going on, so we were able to take a look around. We went to this jewelry exhibit, and this travel/school exhibit. We got a lot of brochures related to “must-see places” in different Taiwan cities (such as Taizhong, Taidong, etc.), which I could use to plan my future travels. Hihi.

Finally, we met up with Roxane and her friends and looked at the balloon thing. Can you guess how much that cost? It was made/bought (?) through fans’ donations, and it cost… *drum roll please* around 100, 000NT, I think! OMG I DO NOT KNOW HOW IT CAME TO BE THAT EXPENSIVE BUT I CANNOT BELIEVE IT. The money that they spent on that could have put to better use, in my opinion. Oh well, I guess I can’t fully understand how a fan’s mind works.

After looking at it and taking pictures, we went to Ximending to walk around. We cut our bangs, and then we passed by this Korean merchandise store where the store person was applying Super Junior manicures on people for free. Richelle and Roxane had the band members’ faces applied on their fingernails (4 for Richelle, and 2 for Roxane).

Around nighttime, we headed to Shida night market to take a look around. We ate at this Italian place called Dr. Pasta, which had unlimited salad, soup, bread, and drink. You only order a dish (you can choose from rice dishes or pasta) and that’s it. Then, we walked around (there were a LOT of people because it’s the weekend) and found the jeans store that Richelle was looking for. It’s called Q HOUSE and what’s good about it is that you can fit the pants (they have dressing rooms) and they can also alter it for you for free! That’s somewhat of a rarity in night markets. They also sell tops and belts. When we were done with Shida, we walked to Gongguan because riding the bus from there was cheaper than riding it from Shida (it’s only stop away but there’s already a rate change). When we got to Gongguan, we saw more stuff that we liked so we ended up buying more stuff! Haha, I ended the night having a long-sleeved top, denim shorts, jogging pants, and boots.


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