October 21, 2011


October 20, 2011

The embassy was able to fix the problem on time, so I got my stipend today. I was supposed to pay the winter term tuition today but the stipend was deposited into my bank account and I didn’t bring my ATM card, so I couldn’t withdraw the money.

For some reason (maybe because of the cool weather and people didn’t wake up?), half of the class didn’t show up today so there were only 6 of us. I liked how there were only a few of us, and so we were able to have a livelier discussion and we were able to talk more. I guess this is how it’s going to be next term.

A has been asking people which class they’re gonna choose (if ever there’s going to be a morning, early afternoon, or late afternoon class), and personally, I’d probably go for the early afternoon class. I’d choose that because 1) I want to sleep in. 2) I want to have brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. I could also go for the late afternoon class and I could just go to school earlier to spend time in the library or something. Plus, after the late afternoon class, I wouldn’t have to wait so long for yoga. Hihi.

I’m gonna miss most of my classmates if we get separated, but that’s life. We can still hang out if we wanted to.

In other news, I’ve found the English and Spanish section of the library! Yay! They’re located on the 4th floor of the building. This library is really awesome! I’ve mentioned before how I love their couches, tables, DVDs, audiovisual area, computer lab, water fountain, etc. etc etc. This is something else I love – students can borrow up to 30 items! For a language center student like me though, I can only borrow 20 items. Still, that’s a lot! Woo! I didn’t know I could borrow that much (because I chose the books before I asked the borrowing counter), so I only got 6. I even thought I could only borrow 5, so I was thinking to myself which book I would leave. Here’s to reading more stuff over the next year! I’ve started reading The Dim Sum Of All Things by Kim Wong Keltner, and after that, I’m gonna read The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan. I’ve also borrowed a couple of Spanish books. Woo!

October 21, 2011

SeulGi and I attended our TOCFL class, and we took this mock test. Pretty boring! It was boring because we spent 50 minutes listening to these recordings and then answering the questions. Zzzz!

We saw Maria by the lounge after class, so we decided to have lunch together. We went to the Korean restaurant again because Maria liked their food. Since there were a lot of people, the owner asked us if it was all right with us to eat “inside.” Turns out, the “inside” is totally better (in our opinion) than the “outside” because it was more secluded and we sat on pillows! We talked and ate, and talked and ate, and by the time we were done, we had been there for about 2 hours! HAHA, totally didn’t notice the time.

I decided to go home after that because I still had laundry to do. Plus, I was feeling sick, so I wanted to rest. I got home, did my laundry, and started organizing my things. I feel so productive! I watched the latest episodes of CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, and The Big Bang Theory as well.

Oh yeah, I took the New York Times Visual DNA test thing and here is my result:

The New York Times
You’re a Trendsetter

You are something of a traditionalist in your approach to life and find beauty in classic forms and styles. Being stylish is important, and for you it’s all about keeping a look that’s cool and unlikely to ever date. You are an emotional spirit and you make really strong connections. Good friends and lots of laughs are the recipe for really happy days. And nights!

Lively and confident, you’re someone who likes to make a big impression. You understand that first impressions count and that you won’t always get a second chance. You’ve got great taste and strive to be one step ahead of the crowd. Your passion for fashion means you’ve got a bit of a reputation amongst your friends for creating your own style. Keeping an eye on the trends, you know what suits you but while adopting the values of society in dress and taste, you are just as concerned with inward, spiritual beauty as with looks. The key is to allow yourself to appreciate life’s journey while holding fast to that which matters most to you. Keep up with the latest Style trends on nytimes.com with the Fashion and Style section or flip through T Magazine.

I really don’t think that I’m a trendsetter, nor a stylish girl for that matter, but I totally agree with the whole “good friends and lots of laughs are the recipe for really happy days and nights!”

I also don’t agree with the whole making a good impression thing, because I get so awkward around people I’m meeting for the first time. I don’t know if I make a good impression, but I know that I always give off an “I’m a shy/quiet girl” first impression! That’s what I’ve been told!


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