Virlanie Foundation


Back when I was in college, I was part of an organization — UP Euro-Filipino Understanding and Relations Organization (UP EURO), which envisioned a mutually beneficial common future between the Philippines and Europe.

On my third year, I was an officer in said organization. One of our community projects was this partnership with Virlanie Foundation, a non-profit organization (from what I remember, it was run by a French) that helps poverty-stricken children by feeding and educating them. We were not able to maintain the partnership because one of the things they wanted from us was a sack of rice every month to feed the children. For a small organization such as hours, this was a big commitment. We were able to deliver for the first few months, but after that, I guess things just fell apart.

I recently heard that Virlanie’s recent campaign, “Rice Up for Street Children”, aims to collect pledges to supply their monthly need of 50 sacks of rice. They have partnered with Tim Yap and GeiserMaclang for this campaign.

Tim Yap, who is considered as the society eventologist in the Philippines, and also a graduate from the high school I went to, is Virlanie’s new Ambassador of Goodwill. On the other hand, GeiserMaclang is one of the top public relations firm in the Philippines. I’ve personally attended past events from this PR firm and I can say that they really know how to “sell”/advertise a company. It’s good to know that they’re also giving back to the community.

We might have been a small organization back then, but we really tried our best to help out by donating a sack of rice every month. For big companies, or big organizations, I’m sure it won’t be that hard to donate sacks of rice every month. If we were able to do it (at least for a couple of months), you can do it too!

To find out more about Virlanie Foundation and how you can participate in the “Rice Up for Street Children” campaign, please visit or contact them through:

Tel: +63 2 895 3460
Fax: +63 2 895 5232


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