October 6, 2011


While I was writing this entry, it suddenly occurred to me that I haven’t written about the 2011 Scholars’ Orientation. That happened last September 30 at Shi Xin University. Before that, I attended our TOCFL Learner Level (Listening) free class with 璱琦. We ate at this expensive-ish looking cafe for lunch. We talked for a while and then before I realized it, I was running a bit late for the orientation. I went to the bus station and waited for the bus to come. That took a while! Finally, I reached Shi Xin University and met up with 曼華. There was a volunteer waiting by the gate, and she led us to the auditorium. There were a lot of people! According to the person from the Ministry of Education who gave a mini-speech, there are around 900+ scholars this year. Wow! Someone from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also came, as well as some ambassadors from different countries. There were some performances which I found to be awesome! Talented kids, I must say! The talks from senior scholars were also interesting. I particularly liked the speech given by the guy from Latin America (I can’t really remember which country he came from). He’s eloquent and witty. Plus, he’s cute! Haha!

Sorry for the crappy videos. My camera decided to act up and cut the ends of the clips. Weird.

After the program, we were led outside to taste some of Taiwan’s cuisine. Yummy food! I bumped into Uriel, this guy from Dominican Republic, in line and we started talking. I told him that I wasn’t really confident in speaking to Spanish natives but he said that with practice, you can gain the confidence. I like how he speaks in his normal rate, and just explains things when I don’t understand them. I hope I get to see him around school more often, so that I can practice my Spanish. It’s such a shame that most of them are in lower levels, therefore not giving me the opportunity to have them as classmates. I hope someone comes along next term or something! Uriel and I talked about a lot of things, but eventually, he had to leave so I sat with Randolph and some of the scholars from the Philippines.

Anyway, today isn’t really a good day. Our teacher returned our homework and I got a really low grade! Boo. I had quite a hard time working with this lesson’s vocabulary (because we had to write 10 questions we could ask our classmates, using the vocab) so I guess it showed. Oh well, we have our ups and downs! Homework for tomorrow is to write conversations using the vocab, as well as some of the grammatical patterns in this lesson. I gotta redeem myself!

I forgot to bring my workout clothes to school so I got lazy and so I’m not doing yoga again today. 2 days ago, I left my mat at home and I didn’t wanna go home and go back to school because that would be a waste of money. I’ll start next week, I promise! 3rd time’s the charm, right?

Steve Jobs has passed away! I found out this morning because 柏木 told me about it. I said, this could have been one of the reasons why he stepped down as Apple’s CEO a couple of months (weeks?) back. He probably felt like he was going to die soon, so he needed to pass the company down to someone else.

I’m really happy that I get along well with most of my classmates. There are 2 or 3 that I avoid sitting next to/talking to but aside from them, I’m good with the rest. We find a lot of things to talk about, and we have good rapport. Hihi.

Back to Steve Jobs… I was a bit sad when I heard about it because I believe that he is amazing! Imagine conceptualizing/building something such as Apple and Pixar, without even having graduated from university! I mean, I guess I would have liked him more had he gone to college, because he could be sending some lazy kids around the world the message that they could forgo university and become successful. I don’t doubt that, but it just doesn’t really happen often, and I believe that good education is still useful. Well, in his defense, he might not have graduated, but he still had a good education, so everything’s good. I read his Stanford commencement address again and it really is inspiring. This is another article that I saw on the Internet about him. Go Bill Gates! I hope Apple can still continue to produce revolutionary and far-fetched products even without Steve Jobs.


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