September 22, 2011


My Twitter update for today: Cold weather + long sleeves + lunch w/ classmates + movie at the lib w/ Maria + gym :)

That pretty much sums up my day. The cold weather in Taipei will last for a week so we have yet another beautiful day today. I was able to wear a long-sleeved shirt to school! Wee. Back in the Philippines, there weren’t really a lot of opportunities to wear long sleeves (it’s often hot and I sweat a lot so even if it’s a bit cold, I still choose not to wear long sleeves). The cold here on the other hand is different because aside from the low temperature, there’s a continuous soft breeze, making it a really nice day. Plus, the Chinese Language Center is located on top of the mountain (National Chengchi University’s upper campus) and our class is on the 6th floor, so really, it gets cold!

My classmates invited me to eat lunch with them after class. Since I wasn’t really all that hungry yet, and I had a lot of time to spare, I decided to go with them but I didn’t order anything. When we were at the “restaurant”, the owner asked me if I’m from Thailand. I don’t know why though. Then, I went with Maria to the Main Library and we watched Au Revoir, Taipei (一頁台北). It’s a 2010 movie that won a lot of awards (based on Wikipedia) and I can say that it’s interesting. It’s a light comedy with easy to understand Chinese, so I liked it! Maria was planning to watch another movie but she forgot to bring her library card application form, so I asked her if she wanted to watch Au Revoir, Taipei with me instead.

We parted ways after that, and I went to the gym. At first, I didn’t know how to use the treadmill (LOL) so I had to ask the attendant to help me operate it. I brisk walked for 20 minutes, rested for around 10 minutes, biked for 10 minutes, and then jogged for 15 minutes. Not bad for a first day. I hope to slowly build my resistance and endurance.

I’m also joining the yoga club. They meet 3x a week for 1hr each session. There’s a 1000NT registration fee, which I think is really cheap because if I attend all the sessions until January (when the sem ends), that’s 39 sessions = ~26NT per hour = ~39PhP per hour! In the Philippines, say Yoga Manila, I think you have to pay around 3, 500PhP (~2, 333NT) for 10 sessions. That’s 350PhP (233NT) per hour. The yoga club also sells yoga mats for 250NT (375PhP) and since I left my yoga mat in the Philippines, I’m gonna have to buy a mat here. This is cheap as well because the mat I bought at Toby’s costs around 500-600PhP (333-400NT). Plus, I’d really just like to continue doing yoga here.

I was also thinking of joining the kickboxing club but I think that would be overkill. My body is not really used to physical activity (read: exercise) and I’m weak in terms of that, so I’m gonna take it slow. Maybe I’ll take it next sem once I’ve built up endurance and strength and all that. I could go to the gym (treadmill) MWFs and yoga TThFs. Or MW and TTh and then F would be my rest day? Let’s see how this goes!


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