September 20, 2011


Another 20-something degree day. We’re gonna have this kind of weather for the rest of the week. That’s something to look forward to. I can wear my long-sleeved clothes.

After class today, I went with some of my classmates to get lunch. We ate at this Japanese restaurant. I ordered beef with miso soup. Not bad. I went back to school because I had to get my month’s stipend. Yay! I finally have some money. I still have to pay back my Uncle for the money he lent me to pay my this term’s tuition but he said that I could pay him in installments. Hihi.

I looked for the gym because I wanted to sign up for a membership. The gym is at the 2nd floor of the the swimming pool. 1 year membership costs 400NTD, and the gym is open from Monday-Sunday, starting at 6AM until 9:30PM (weekdays), and until 5:30PM (weekends). There are treadmills, bicycles, weights, etc. There aren’t a lot of people in the afternoon so I’ll be able to use the equipment freely.

The pool

I also checked out the Main Library because I’ve always been a library person. The building consists of 4 floors, and a basement. The basement is called the reading room, and I think it is for faculty, the faculty’s family, and alumni. The 1st floor holds the audiovisual materials section, the circulation section, and the borrowing/returning counters. The 2nd -4th floor consists of books, periodicals, journals, etc. I was really mesmerized by the 1st floor because there are a lot of DVDs and CDs that you could borrow. There are DVD players set up around the area where you can watch from. Cool! Since I am a Language Center student of this University, I had to make a 3, 000 NTD deposit to have a library card. They’re going to return my money at the end of my term. With the library card, I can borrow books (I can’t remember how many though) and DVDs (maximum of 2 for 7 days). Wee!

I borrowed 3 books and I also watched a DVD. I thought that it was a Chinese movie but it turned out to be Korean. I watched it anyway, just reading the Chinese subtitles to understand. It’s called “戀愛-ing” and it’s about this girl who was born with a deformed hand and some sort of sickness that eventually led her to die young. It’s the typical girl meets boy story, where the boy gave the girl a reason to want to continue living. Sad enough, the girl was already far along the line so she passed away. I won’t go into details because you might want to watch it, but I can say that it’s a nice movie. It had the right amount of comedy and drama.

The area

The movie I watched

These are some of the phrases/sentences I learned in the movie:

我好像對妳一見鍾情。 – I think I’m starting to have feelings for you.




On my way home from school, I saw a lot of motorcycles around. Well, it’s no surprise really, because motorcycles and bicycles are popular modes of transportation here, along with the buses and the MRT. The transportation system in Taipei makes it very convenient to go around. I miss riding on a motorcycle! I remember the days when we’d go to Palawan during the Holy Week, and I’d always ride on the back of someone’s motorcycle! Fun times! I was also able to ride one again last October when I went to Tainan to visit Richelle. Hihi.

Wearing a helmet and a face mask is a must when riding a motorcycle! (Taken Oct. 2010)


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