Weekend 3 in Taipei!


It’s been a pretty eventful weekend.

Last Thursday, during one of our break times, the teacher told me (along with 4 of my classmates) that we construct sentences like real Chinese people! Hihi, that made me happy. Of course, there are times when I’d have trouble constructing sentences but I try to think of complex sentences so that I could practice using the language. The teacher said that she’s glad I’m doing this because I could learn a lot this way.

After class, my friend Jacob accompanied me to check out our school’s student clubs. It was pretty tiring to walk around the quadrangle (with more than 50 or so clubs) under the scorching heat! There were a lot of interesting clubs that caught my attention. I’m pretty interested in joining some clubs because I want to do something more with my life here in Taipei. I get off class at 11AM, and the reason why I wanted to join clubs was so I could pass time. However, I found out that the clubs all meet once/twice a week at around 7-9PM!If I join a club, I’d still have nothing to do from 11AM-7PM! Tsk. What to do. What to do.

The bartending club!

We’ve finished discussing a chapter from our book so before we moved on the next chapter, we had our first exam last Friday. The exam consisted of 2 parts — a dictation part wherein we had to write the sentences that the teacher read, and a paper part wherein we had to answer questions etc. I got a 98 on the 1st part (yay!) but the 2nd part hasn’t been returned yet. I hope I did well.

I went to the Immigration Agency after class to claim my Alien Resident Certificate card. Yay! Then, I was supposed to go to the bank to open an account for scholarship purposes, but I left my money at home (because there’s a minimum deposit amount) so I had to go home to get it. By the time I got to the place where the bank is located, it was already past closing time. Oh well, I’ll just open the account on Monday.


Last Saturday, I went to the Guting (古亭) branch of Taiwan Mobile (台灣大哥大) to buy a sim card! The people there were so friendly and helpful. The guy even taught me how to use the sim card (After putting it into a cellphone, you have to make any outward call to activate the sim card. He told me to call 188 so that I won’t get charged.)

I rode the Metro to Danshui (淡水) because I was meeting up with my classmates. I was running a bit late so I sent a text message to Alex. When I got there, they weren’t at our supposed meeting place so I called up Alex. Turns out, he didn’t receive my message. He also wasn’t coming because his eyes got infected or something. Good thing I saw Toto while I was walking around. He had Fio’s number so I called him up and found out that they were still in the Metro. Everyone was late. Hahaha!

We walked around the riverbank and we saw the sunset. Amazing! Of course, Manila Bay’s sunsets are also awesome. I think any sunset by any body of water is awesome. Lol. After walking the entire stretch of the riverbank, we decided to eat dinner at this seafood restaurant. The place was really crowded and we had to wait a while before we were seated. Yummy food, I must say. We had oyster, clams, salmon, vegetable, and this other fish!

View from the riverbank


Group picture by the riverbank (Photo credit: Lily)

For dessert, some of my classmates bought the tall ice cream Danshui is famous for, and I bought a big cup (超大杯 – 1000cc) of (鮮奶冬瓜). Yuuuum!

We eventually decided to go to Bali Left Bank (八里左岸), which you reach by riding a ferry for a little over 5 minutes. We were choosing between 八里碼頭 or  漁人碼頭 (another place you can go to), but the latter was more expensive, and 1 of my classmates didn’t have any money so we told ourselves that we would just go there some other time. We did nothing but walk in Bali. It was sorta relaxing though. The view was wonderful, and the evening lights were pretty as well. It was even my first time to see the moon rise! Cool!

Look at the yellow light from behind the mountain -- that's the moon slowly rising up

Bigger moon

Yesterday, I went to Momo 百貨 by 南京敦化路口 supposedly to attend Wong Fu Production’s (- Ted) meet and greet. Phil and Wes were in Taiwan to shoot 王力宏’s upcoming music video. To cut the long story short, I wasn’t able to see them because I got there 5 minutes late. It was a result of a lot of miscalculations and wrong decisions on my part, so yes, I have no one else to blame but myself. I can’t really blame the driver who cut short his route because what if he did that because he was already so tired, right? Oh well. I’m sure I’ll be able to see them someday, somewhere.


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