Day 8!


Nic and I went to Moncloa (specifically Avenida Reyes Católicos) to “visit” AECID! Weeee! :) It was soooooooo hot!!! :(

Then, we went to Steffi’s apartment at Cuatro Caminos for dinner! She made German pancakes for us! First, we had pfannkuchen mit Gemüse (pancake with vegetables) and then we had the sweet version, made with vanilla something. We ate that topped with canela (cinnamon). YUUUUUM!

We also learned some basic German phrases!

Ich bin durstig. (I am thirsty.)

Wie heißen Sie? (What’s your name? – formal)
Wie heißt du? (What’s your name? – informal)

Ich heiße Therese. (My name is Therese.)


We were so full afterward that we decided to walk around the area. We went to Parque Santander and then we reached Avenida las Filipinas where we saw Rizal’s statue! Nic was ECSTATIC!!! Hahahaha :D

Finally, we came back home to our apartment and Ate Maite invited us over to her place for some tapas! LOL! Jamón ibérico, queso, muslitos del mar, and pita wrap with smoked salmon cream cheese and lettuce. Yuuuuuuuuuum!!!


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