My flight to Madrid, Spain!


Packed and ready to go

Send off

Send off

Notes from my phone (July 31, 2011):

Today marks many firsts in my life again. It’s my first time flying solo to Europe, my first time flying via KLM, my first time being at NAIA terminal 1.

You hear a lot of horror stories about our terminal 1 but I have to say.. Based on experience, it’s not that bad. I entered the gate, got my bags checked, and proceeded to the KLM counters (65-69 I think) . They had 2 counters reserved for business class, elite, and online check-ins. Since I had already checked-in online, I was able to significantly decrease my waiting in line time. Hee. After that, you follow the arrows to go to the terminal fee payment area. You pay the fee and head to the immigration area. You’ll need to present your passport, boarding pass, departure card, and other relevant documents. I was also asked to present my admission letter to the university I’ll be studying at in Madrid. Good thing I had it printed out. After that is the final checking area where you have to remove your shoes and other metallic objects, and submit yourself (and your things) to a.. final check.

Once you’ve passed through all those, you’re good to go. You find the gate where your flight’s departing from and you wait.

Hello there NAIA Terminal 1!

I was also able to ‘experience’ the terminal’s lavatory and I must say, it’s fairly clean. Plus, the attendant makes sure to continuously spray the cubicles with air freshener. Haha!

It’s 2.30pm and we’ve just finished eating a couple of minutes ago. We’re 32000 ft up in the air where it’s -32deg, according to this flight tracker. I watched an episode of FRIENDS and I’m watching Thor. We’ve already flown about 1/4 of this trip. For snacks, we had almonds and juice. For lunch, I had chicken, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables.

It’s 8pm now and we’re about 2/3 there. I’m enjoying this flight because of the fact that there is a lot of food! Haha -50deg. now!

It’s almost 1am Philippine time now but it’s only almost 7pm Amsterdam time! I’m waiting for my next flight to Madrid at the Schiphol airport. Woo touchdown Amsterdam! :)

Hello there Schiphol airport!

I’m kinda dizzy but I hope I don’t experience jet lag. Yikes. I also hope I still do well in tomorrow’s diagnostic/placement test.

Hello there Barajas airport!

Woo! Touchdown Madrid! I arrived around 11:30PM. Good thing I was able to see Nicole at the exit! Yay! We waited for almost an hour for the bus (because she insisted that there was a bus that would go straight to where we’re staying) but it turns out we have to switch buses. Anyhoo, it’s 3AM and we have to wake up at 8AM! Ciao!

Hola Madrid!

First pic with Nic!

Palacio de las Comunicaciones – Madrid’s main post office

Waiting for the bus. Really thankful you came to pick me up!

Good night!


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