Pieces of me


I was supposed to go to Charm’s birthday dinner but I wasn’t really feeling well so I decided to skip it. I stayed at home, slept, translated the film script, and watched a couple of TV series’ episodes.

Sunday was spent putting some of my things in boxes and translating the film script. It was also Mom and Dad’s 24th wedding anniversary so we went to Gumbo MOA for dinner. We ordered the artichoke formaggio and the family feast (chicken, ribs, cream dory, shrimp kebab, veggies, fries, and mashed potato). Yum! I had to control myself from ordering the bread pudding for dessert. When we got home, I continued translating and by the wee hours of the morning, I was done. Finally! I sent the script over to the film director who sent it to us, and he’s going to Spain this week to present it to the team. I do hope they get the grant, they use our translation, and they pay us. Although, I’ve realized that I wouldn’t really mind not getting paid for this, since I gained experience and I now know better how to do translation work, but of course, I’d prefer getting paid. So please, your name is on the line. Don’t fail us.  HAHA!

I went to Kimbies’ house yesterday (Monday) morning to catch up. We talked about our summer (or lack thereof) and some of our future plans. She still has a year of Archi left and then she has to work for 2yrs before she can take the board exams. At this point, I think that there’s a lot for us out there so we just have to take advantage of every possible opportunity we can.

Christian, Matt, Lorraine, and Darlene also went to Kimbies’ house and we ate lunch. After that, we talked, played truth or dare (where a what-if moment was brought up), took pictures, and parted ways.

Lorraine and I then went to Aileen’s house, again to catch up. We talked about a lot of things. After that, I went home, slept for a few hours and went to work.




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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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