Holy Week 2011


It’s Holy Week once again! Normally, we’d celebrate it by going to Coron, Palawan but we haven’t done that for the past couple of years so…

Non-working holidays only start on Thursday (Maundy Thursday) up to Sunday (Easter Sunday) so I was still able to go to school on Monday for the university clearance. I gave my form and showed my receipt, and I got a paper saying to call on May 9 to ask about the status of my clearance. Gaaah, I really hope the university speeds up its process of releasing our diplomas because I’m gonna be needing it ASAP! Sigh.

I met up with the Span bloc (minus Teej and Martha) to do our clearance and then we headed off to Mang Jimmy’s for lunch! Daisy gave us these cute post-its. Aww! After lunch, we went back to UP and as we were passing by the theater, we saw the recognition rites tarp and decided to take a picture with it! Hihi. We also took pictures w/ the wee little sunflowers growing near the theater. Then, we walked towards Quezon Hall to take a picture with oble! Yaaay! Pictures c/o Jad!

I had a couple of hours to kill before meeting up with TCF so I went with Sleg and Daisy to Jace’s house. We walked all the way, under the scorching heat. Yikes! We rested for a while before heading out to Moonleaf. Daisy treated us to wintermelon milk tea with pearls! Yum. After that, we went back to UP and hung out by the CH tambayan until Reg had to leave for class. Tiff and I went to OUR because she had to do something and then we went back to 101 to hang out with Errol and to wait for Sandy and Metch to arrive.

We ate dinner at Tomato Kick Maginhawa, then to Moonleaf to buy more milk tea, then to Mercury Drug for meds and ice cream, before finally going to Teej’s house to hang out some more. Lol! We had dessert at his place and we talked about random stuff.

Tuesday was spent going to the hospital for a check-up and to Zense of Joy for a body massage! Tiff got in to the final interview of U, and she’s going to Japan in June! Yay her! I also got an interview with TS and I hope I do well!

Wednesday was spent watching Wong Fu Productions videos. They make such good videos (plus, they’re hot too! Hihi). I also spent the good part of the day worrying about my wisdom teeth. Huhu! They have to be taken out soon, because they’re impacted and I think they’re already affecting my other teeth. Siiigh, why do we even have to have them! Why did mine have to come out?! Pffft! I’m scared of undergoing surgery and I hate that it costs a lot. Pfffft!

Oh yeah, it’s official too! We’ve bought our own house! Yayyy! We now have something to call our own. That means we’re gonna be moving again soon (for the nth time, but I guess this is going to be the last!) and that also means that we have to start packing!

Thursday, yesterday, and today were spent organizing and throwing away lots and lots of stuff! It feels good to get rid of things we don’t even use anymore. It’s just tiring because apparently, we’re such pack rats and we have A TON OF STUFF!!! The last time we moved, I went out of town and when I came home, all our things were packed and I found out that we were moving. Hahahaha. Funny indeed! This time, it’s not going to be as simple as that because this is a permanent move so we really have to get rid of useless stuff already! Wee!


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