Reunion of sorts


Okay I’ve been out of the house everyday for the past week since I got back from Taiwan. I’ve been running errands left and right and it’s getting pretty tiring. Sigh! I’ll get to rest for a couple of days next week but the week after that, I’ll officially start working. More on that in other posts.

Back to Taiwan!

April 4 (Day 3) – We went to National Taiwan Science Education Center (國立台灣科學教育館) with Polina, Patricia, Pippo, Jonah, and Joshua. Richelle and Roxane had a lunch date with their friends so they weren’t able to come with us. It was a good thing that the 2 Js were in wheelchairs because we were able to immediately go up to the exhibit. According to the announcements, there was a 5-hour waiting period for the people waiting in line. WOW! We looked at the Trick Art exhibit and we took pictures! The displays were amazing but I think we would have fully appreciated them if there weren’t a lot of people! It was kinda hot inside and there was a long line for each display. UGH!

After that, we all went to Danshui (淡水) to walk around. We ate Taiwan street food yet again and then we walked by the wharf. It was drizzling so it was kinda hard for us because we (or they, haha!) had to push the 2 Js around while they held the umbrellas! The 2 Rs met us there and then we continued walking around. Eventually, we ended up in Starbucks to warm down and talk. We were able to buy a drink and get one free from the tickets that we used at the NTSEC. Wow! We stayed there for a couple of hours, just talking about life and our families and school and stuff. Good times!

When it was getting dark, we decided to go to 6ku’s house to rest for a while before heading out to the night market. We went to ShiDa Night Market (師大夜市) but we didn’t stay long because it was still drizzling and there were a lot of people. Good thing 6ku’s house was a bit close to the night market so we just bought food and headed home. We ate the food at their place. After eating, we continued sharing stories and experiences with each other. Hihi! It was really fun because all the Taiwan cousins were there! Awwww!

April 5 (Day 4) – We (Tiff and Richelle) were supposed to meet up with the 2 Ps ( – Pippo) at 8:30AM but we woke up late so we met up with them at a later time. We rode the train to Rui Fang Station (瑞芳站) and the trip took almost an hour. At some point, all of us fell asleep. It was a good thing that Polina woke up while we were still at the station. When she woke up, she went, “Hey look, we’re in Rui Fang Station.” After a couple of seconds, it began to sink in that we were supposed to get off at that station! The train had stopped there for quite some time already and it was about to leave! The man across us said, “Yes it is!! You have to get off now!” Hahaha we all ran out!

After leaving the train station, we rode a bus to Jiufen (九份舊街) and walked around and ate and walked and ate lalala! After a couple of hours, we went back to the bus station and rode a bus back to the train station. The 2 Ps had to leave so we said goodbye. The 3 of us decided to go to Keelung (基隆) and Miaokou (廟口) so we rode a bus going there. We got off at the Keelung Maritime Plaza (基隆海洋廣場) and took pictures! Then, we walked around and walked into this store where we bought a looot of clothes! Hahaha! Later on, we went to Miaokou (which is also a famous food market) to eat! Yummyyy!

In the late afternoon, we left for Linkou (林口) to visit the 2 Js! We ate dinner at their house and then played mahjong! I kept losing. Boo! At around 10PM, we rode a bus back home! We waited for a while before the bus came and we were literally shivering from the cold! Linkou is a place high up in the mountains so it was really cold there. Add to that the fact that it was really cold season in Taiwan when we went there so I guess the temperature in Linkou that night was around 10deg! Brrrr!

April 6 (Day 5) – Richelle, Tiff, and I decided to sleep in because we were a bit tired from the previous days’ happenings. In the afternoon, we went to Taipei Main Station (台北車站) subway mall to look around. We bought shoes! Hihi! Then, we went back home to wait for Roxane to come home from school! The 4 of us headed to Shilin Night Market (士林夜市) to look around again! We walked and shopped and then we bought food and went to this place to sit and eat. Yum again!


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