4 days left!


Last 4 days in Taipei, Taiwan. We decided to dial it down a bit because we were running out of (near) places to go to!

April 7 (Day 6) – I went to Taipei Main Station (台北車站) to meet up with Syril, my schoolmate in SJCS, who was also in Taiwan. We walked around and she bought a pair of shoes. Then, we went up to the streets and looked for a milk tea shop. I bought pudding milk tea (布丁奶茶) again and we looked for a spot where we could sit and talk. We talked about a lot of things and it was actually nice to just talk about random things. After that, we rode a train to WuFenPu (五分埔), which is this famous place where they sell lots of clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, and whatnot. We walked around and looked for stuff. The 2 Rs and Tiff met us there and then we ate dinner at this noodle house. After eating, we continued walking around and looking for stuff to buy. Haha! We bought new clothes again! Eep!

April 8 (Day 7) – We stayed at home and just lounged around. In the late afternoon/early evening, Roxane came back from school with 2 of her friends and we all rode a bus to Gongguan (公館) because there was also a night market there! Lol. We bought food and walked to this park-ish place where we ate/shared the food. We shopped for clothes again! Hahahaha.

We stopped to buy takoyaki balls (章魚燒), milk tea (奶茶), and chicken chop (香雞排) before going home! Food while playing mahjong! Wee!

April 9 (Day 8) – We went to a lot of places today! Since it was Saturday, Roxane only had to go to school in the morning. In the afternoon, we went to Longshan Temple (龍山寺) because it has been Richelle’s ritual to go there before going back to Tainan (she is studying in a university in Tainan). After that, we ate at this ice shave something place. SUPER YUMMY! Then, we walked to Bo-Pi-Liao (剝皮寮), this historic street that has been preserved and renovated by the government. We looked around and took pictures! Then, we walked to Ximen (西門), which was so tiring! Hahaha! There was also a point where while we were crossing the road, Richelle told us to stop because the Presidential Office Building was behind us! There was still time to cross the road so we stopped for a while and she took a photo. HAHAHA! Later on, when we told her how crazy that was, she said, “at least you have a picture with the building!” Funny!

From Ximen, we rode the MRT to the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall. There was an ongoing fair of sorts so we bought food and sat on the steps. We waited for the closing flag ceremony and we watched it. Our last stop for the evening was the ShiDa Night Market (師大夜市) because Tiff was meeting her friend there. It was a good thing that it wasn’t raining so we were able to explore the night market. We bought a lot of food yet again and then we sat at this dorm’s porch to basically rest and hang out.

When the owner of the dorm came out, we thought that he would let us leave so we started gathering our things but he was kind enough to allow us to stay. He even chatted with us for a while. He told us about his dorm and when he found out that we were from the Philippines, he said that he has a friend in Baguio. Ooh!

April 10 (Day 9) – Since it was our last day in Taiwan, we stayed home the whole day. Richelle had to go back to Tainan because she had classes the following day. She left at around 3 in the afternoon. 5kim accompanied her to the bus stop and when she came home, she had milk tea for us! YAYY!

5ku came home with his best friend UJ, who just arrived back to Taiwan from China. He had iPhone4s for Richelle and Roxane! I WAS JEALOUS. Haha! Oh well.

Finally, the time came when we had to say goodbye! Aww! 5ku, 5kim, and Roxane drove us to the airport and after a couple of hours, we were back in the Philippines! Vacation over. As they say, all great things come to an end. How dramatic! Haha I’ll surely go back to Taiwan in the (near) future (I hope!) because I really love it there! My Chinese skills also improve and I get to use them! Hihihi.

Oh yeah, I also downloaded a bunch of movies in Taiwan because their Internet is fast! I watched No Strings Attached, starring Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher! It’s such a cute movie!!! They’re both hot people and they’re both good!


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