Last week of January


Last Friday (January 28), I went to the University Job Fair with Sancho, Sandy, TJ, Mitch and Metch. I went around giving my résumé to various companies and getting their stickers for the raffle thing. At the end of the event, I was able to get 11 raffle coupons and I wished that I could win anything. Yesterday, my friend told me that I had won an iPod shuffle! Yay! I would have wished for another prize because I had just won a shuffle last month, but I have to be thankful with what I’m given, so it’s all good. I hope I can find a buyer! Hee!

After our classes, we hung out at the stones and had a mini-picnic care of Errol! We ate chips and talked about random stuff. At around 5:30PM, I attended the Circulo Hispanico race orientation with Mitch and Sandy.

Last Saturday (January 29), we went to Instituto Cervantes for the Manilakbay (Circulo Hispanico’s race around Manila event). The event was supposed to start at 9AM so we were there by 8:30AM but then Reg texted us saying that the event would be moved to 10AM. Pffffft!

Sadly, we didn’t win. We placed 7th (out of around 15?) so I guess it’s all right. The top 2 teams were from the UP Mountaineers so really, what do we have against them?! Hahahahaha. The first team finished the race at 2:50PM, the 2nd team finished at around 2:55PM, and if you’re asking what time we finished…. well, we finished at 3:44PM! HAHAHAHA!

Here are the stations we went to: Instituto Cervantes (we had to fill in the blanks of Rizal’s Mi Último Adiós. There were answers by the stage but we couldn’t bring our answer sheets to the stage, and only 1 person per team at a time could go up the stage), Paco Park (we had to look for Rizal’s tomb and read the plaque. After that, we had to look around the place for puzzle pieces and we had to “form” the plaque), Mall of Asia (we had to count the posts and flags from Tram 3 to Tram 5! There are 62 posts and 20 flags, fyi!), Baywalk (we had to look for the column name of this writer and then we had to look for 6 people who would text the answer to a certain number), Luneta (we had to count the flags surrounding Rizal’s statue. I think there were 24? After, we had to go around all the statues and look for trivia answers!), Quiapo (we had to answer a trivia question), Binondo (from the arc, we had to go to Binondo Church to count the people in the 2 paintings — one had 42 I think, and the other had 51? Another task was to count all the pews — I think there were 150+ and the 3rd task was to eat a plastic of bitter gourd/bitter melon), Intramuros (we had to go to Manila Cathedral to look for an envelope where we had to translate the quote found in front of the church, Fort Santiago where we had to answer trivia questions by looking for the answers inside the Rizal Shrine and where we had to count all the golden steps — there are 300+, and Baluarte de San Diego where we had to look for puzzle pieces to answer a question), and finally back to Instituto Cervantes.

I won’t go into detail anymore but I have to say that it was sooooo tiring!! We walked a lot, really. I guess one of the upsides is that I was able to do it with close friends, with people I like. It was really such an experience for us! Too bad we didn’t win.

After the event, we rewarded ourselves with Bacon Mushroom Melt from Wendy’s. YUUUUM!

I spent the entire day yesterday and today basically just lounging around the house, watching shows and doing homework. Me duele mucho el cuerpo!


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