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January 18 (Tuesday) – I went to school earlier for the Sec meeting that didn’t really turn out well until I “stepped in” and finalized the details. Hee, well. CMGG went to school and we were able to talk for a while. We went to LB because I needed to use the phone to call up Cebu Pacific. That was a disappointment. They will not be able to rebook Mom and Sai’s tickets sans penalty. Oh well! I was also able to come up with a topic for my 183 presentation. Woo!

January 19 (Wednesday) – We (Mom, Goku, Ahia Gilbert, Achi Jen, Sai, Achi Barb, Achi Sarah) went to TriNoMa to walk around and for dinner, we ended up in Yakimix. HAHAHA! We tried this branch because it is fairly recent. The difference with their food is that they have gummy bears and gummy rings! Heee. The quality is the same as that of their Tomas Morato branch. Of the 3 branches (Tomas Morato, MOA, TriNoMa) I dislike MOA’s food because it is veryyy oily and they don’t really have the same offerings as that of the other 2 branches (or maybe we just went there on a day when they didn’t have the food I wanted? HMM)

January 20 (Thursday) – We presented our 183 presentations and I think I did a good job. Ma’am said that I had an interesting topic. I hope I get a good grade. In the evening, Mom and I went to Sai’s house with Goku for dinner. We stayed around and watched TV after. I waited for Clare to come pick me up and we went to Sanctuarium to visit JBO (his dad passed away :c). It was me, Clare, Lorraine, Charm, Diana, Paul, Dom, and Aaron. We went to Bubble Tea before going home.

January 21 (Friday) – It rained so hard!! UGH! We went to Ahia Gilbert’s house for dinner. Shoti was a snob! :( HAHAHAHA!

January 22 (Saturday) – We were supposed to have the EURACE on this day but the weather was so unpredictable and it had been raining for the past few days so it got postponed. I stayed at home and watched a couple of episodes of the shows that I watch. I also watched The Last Airbender (it was all right) and Eat, Pray, Love (it was SOOO BORING!!!) I pretty much just lazed around the entire day because I was enjoying my last free Saturday for the next month! Org shiz is going to eat up my next 4 Saturdays. HUHU!

January 23 (Sunday) – We went to Sai’s house for lunch and stayed there till the evening. A bunch of us took naps in the afternoon and then played with the kids! In the evening, we went to the first ever Tan grand family reunion. Hee. We got to see a lot of our relatives whom we didn’t know. There wasn’t much interaction though, because we were all still feeling shy and awkward. We just stuck to our own crowds. LOL! We ate a lot because we needed to maximize the P1k entrance fee. Pfft! Group pictures (by generation and then by family) were taken at the end of the evening!

January 24 (Monday) – I went to school to meet up with our thesis adviser. It was sort of a waste of time because she could have told us whatever she told us today on Wednesday. Boo! Oh well, this is all for the love of our thesis. Plus, at least I got to borrow Hispanofilia Filipina from the library (for our 115 class), meet up with Sheila for a bit of catching up, and talk to Nicole about our 183 report.

Busy days up ahead! Ta-ta!


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