Bittersweet, really


I AM SO EFFING EXCITED!!! I’m going back to Taiwan on April with Mom, my sister, and my aunt!! YAY I CAN’T WAIT! I saw that CebuPac was having a seat sale and the travel dates were March-April. We seized the opportunity and booked tickets! It was also a good thing that my cousin was online so I asked her on what dates would she be available. We were supposed to book for the Holy Week but the tickets quickly sold out and my cousin also has her exams on those dates so it’s all good! We’re going there on the week that her school celebrates a 1-week vacation so YAY WE CAN GO AROUND TAIWAN TOGETHER!!!

In other news, I spent yesterday at Sanctuarium for Aku’s wake. Mom said that he looks more peaceful (because he suffered a stroke etc. etc.) now so I think it’s all good. At least he’s not suffering anymore, right?

The “scandal” happened at night. I won’t go into details but I’m writing it down so that I won’t forget.

We went to Yoh-gurt Froz and KFC before going home.

Today, I went to BPI to deposit money and to change my card (because the pin won’t work). After that, I went with Mom to the hospital. I stayed at the other clinic and studied while Mom attended to her patients. We passed by Instituto Cervantes before going to Sanctuarium because I needed to ask about the lessons (I have this GC that’s about to expire). I’m taking the diagnostic test next week and then I’m enrolling after. Eep, I’m scared. I hope I do well in the diagnostic test!

I was able to take a nap while I was there, so yay!

Goku is arriving later (at 3:30AM HAHAHA) to attend Aku’s funeral.

Bittersweet, really.


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