My break so far


It’s been around a week and I can say that quite a few things have happened. I’ve slipped into a student on break’s lifestyle — sleep during the wee hours of the morning, and wake up after lunch. Hahaha, tsk.

Tuesday was spent basically lounging around the house, watching shows and a movie (Knight and Day), and trying to do some homework.

Wednesday was spent reading Noli Me Tangere and in the evening, I went to 3C ’05-’06’s Christmas party. I can’t believe we’ve been doing this for the past 5 years now! Wow, time does fly by so fast. Our time capsule in Canyon Woods is scheduled to be opened next year (5 years after we buried it) so I hope I can be there too.

The Christmas party was so fun! We just talked about a lot of things, ate a lot, gave gifts, played games, and basically just spent time with each other. It feels good to know that I still have high school friends who get together and it’s like no time has gone by between us. Hee.

I finished reading Noli Me Tangere on Thursday, I think. In the evening, I went to UN Ave with the badminton people. I didn’t play though. Lorraine, Rex, and I went to Otis to eat while Bry, Jhenel, Matt, and Raymond played badminton. After that, we went to Wendy’s Nagtahan because Jhenel and Raymond didn’t want to go to Serenitea. Eventually, we were able to convince them to go. LOL. I finally got to taste Serenitea. I ordered the Hokkaido Milk Tea (large, 75% sugar, crystal) and it was yummy but in my opinion, it’s expensive. I prefer Taiwan’s milk tea because it’s yummier and it’s cheaper too! It’s also because milk tea really originated from Taiwan anyway. Awww, I miss Taiwan!!!!

Friday (yesterday) was Christmas Eve so we spent the evening at Sai’s house. There were a lot of people (a lot of in-laws!) so we had to sit on the floor. Pfft! Hahaha. The kids were also rowdy and well, it was chaotic! Shoti was cute at first. He was sweet and he kept hugging and kissing me. Eventually, he became cranky because he was sleepy and they didn’t want him to sleep. Tsktsktsk. Things got even messier when the gifts were distributed to the kids. They started to play with their toys and some started fighting. Lol, oh well!

I’m currently at Sai’s house and we just finished eating Paella. YUUUM! I think we’re going to eat fro-yo later, and we’ll also be drinking red wine. I don’t really like wine but I think I better start learning how to drink wine. Hahaha!

I listed down all the things I have to do over the break and it really is overwhelming. I don’t know how I’ll be able to do all of them.. Tsk. Oh well, I can do this! Students shouldn’t be given homework over the holidays! Huhu. If all else fails, there’s always cramming. Yikes! It’s something I really hate doing, but….. let’s see. Okay, gotta go!

Oh wait, before that… here are some pictures!


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