Christmas breaaaak!


It’s officially Christmas break! I’m sorry for the lack of posts.. I’ve just been caught up with life. Lol! Here’s a massive update.

December 5 (Sunday) – Mom and I went to Midtown to buy some stuff. I used my SodexHo GCs and bought 2 bags from Heartstrings. I got a backpack for school and a duffel bag for traveling. Yay! I also bought jump rope for future use.

December 6 (Monday) – we had the EURO acquaintance party and then we had a photoshoot at the tambayan after

December 7 (Tuesday) – I attended the CAL week opening because we were required to take pictures of the event. It was kinda fun randomly taking pictures and hoping I would capture good shots to send to my professor. After 110 class, the Span bloc (incomplete) went bowling! We were supposed to go to SM North but then Nicole wouldn’t be able to go with us so we decided to go to the alumni center for duckpin bowling instead. I suck at that. HAHA!! Went back to the stones for the apps week.

December 10 (Friday) – I had dinner at Cannan with some of the TCF. It was fun! After that, we went to NBS because they needed to buy some stuff. We ended up “begging” Errol to buy these eraser tops for us. Hee, they’re so cute! We decided to end the night by going to Starbucks for some fraps and some stickers! Lol.

December 11 (Saturday) – Jad and I met up at Mushroom Burger to work on our thesis. We didn’t really accomplish a lot of things but at least we were able to do some things. HAHAHA whatever. Mom and Tiff picked me up and we went to Sai’s house to hang out.

December 13 (Monday) – My Speech160 group and I went to Magic 89.9 in Mandaluyong for our radio visit. It was all right I guess. They made us wait an hour to talk to the person we talked to. The person we set up the meeting with wasn’t even there. Tsktsktsk. Rawr.

December 15 (Wednesday) – We watched this year’s Hagikhikan (Faculty Follies). It was fun! There were some boring performances but it was very entertaining overall. We were also able to go up the stage after the show to take pictures with Errol and other professors. Teej, Sancho, and I were even given food after. LOL!

December 16 (Thursday) – Aileen and I met up at Starbucks Katipunan and talked. We needed to catch up with each other but we were only able to talk for around an hour. Oh well! At least we got to see each other before the year ended! I went to UP after to borrow books from the library. I have to do a lot of things over the break. Sigh! EURO Christmas party in the evening. A bunch of us went to SaveMore in Katipunan to go grocery shopping. Then, we went to Teej’s house to cook the food. Well, I sorta just helped around. Errol was really the one who did all the cooking. Some of the members of TCF also helped him with cutting and stuff.

December 17 (Friday) – I went to school to claim the laptop sleeves from UP OBEM which turned out to be a failure because our laptops didn’t fit. Tsk! I also watched the Lantern Parade. It wasn’t as fun as last year, probably because it rained and it was sorta gloomy. We ended up not finishing the parade and just hanging out by Khaleb Shawarma at the AS parking lot. Errol kept on playing with his toy thingamabob and he actually got pretty good at it. In the end, a bunch of people didn’t know where to go  but then Teej and I had to go so we left them. Errol, Hope and Sancho ended up going to Banchetto and the twins etc. went to Cantina.

December 18 (Saturday) – Today was the Span bloc Christmas party. We were supposed to meet up at 9:30AM but I was late. Oops, I’m sorry! Jad, Nicole and I rode in Martha’s car while Jace and Daisy rode with Sleg in her car. Teej wasn’t able to make it because he was sick. We stopped by 2 supermarkets to buy ingredients for our lunch! For lunch, I brought egg sandwiches, Jad brought donuts and bananas, Martha (and her mom) cooked puttanesca, and Sleg and Daisy brought chicken. After lunch, Sleg, Martha, and I made “wicked oreos”. Yum! I’ll try to do it on my own one day.

We played Nicole’s game (I think it was Squabble?) which was pretty fun, and then we exchanged gifts. Turns out Jad got me for the exchange gift and she gave me this cute large shoulder bag (that I had in my wish list) that would fit my laptop and other things. Yay! The others had to leave after that and Nicole and I stayed behind to watch Hua Mulan (not the Disney version) starring Zhao Wei. It’s a really good movie! Plus, I was able to understand most of the lines there, so yay!

December 19 (Sunday) – We hung out at Sai’s house and ate homemade pizza topped with a lot of mozzarella cheese, basil, mushroom, and salmon! Woo!

December 20 (Monday) – I woke up to see Aileen’s gift package for me! Awww. Her driver delivered it to my house. Hahaha! It’s filled with a bunch of yummy food, so boo! I don’t wanna get any fatter! I also spent the whole day watching Community. Tsktsk!! I have to get down to work but I’m still too lazy! I also got an email from WYA saying that I won first prize in their photo essay contest. YAY! I win an iPod Shuffle! I hope it’s the latest model!! Woo.

Some pictures!


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  1. Uh-oh. I sort of egged Tiff on to get those sleeves (since she seemed to like them?). Odd why they didn’t fit though.

    And Squabble! That sounds like a Donald Duck game (lol, lame pun). :))


    • It’s all right. I wanted it din naman.. Pero kasi the girl who was manning the booth when Tiff reserved the sleeves told her to get the 12″ sleeves, cos they tried it na raw sa mga Macs and that’s what fits perfectly, blahblah. Pero when I saw it I immediately knew that it wouldn’t fit. LOL! Anywayyy.

      Puedeeee. It’s a noisy game so puede ang Donald Duck :))


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