Last week of sembreak2010


October 30 – I got back from Ilocos and stayed at home the whole day. I crossed out some of the things in my to-do list and then I watched 2012. It was kinda dragging but I guess it was okay overall.

October 31 – Mom and I went to RP and bought clothes. We also did some errands, like the paying of the bills etc. We ate at Max’s for a late lunch, and then we went to White Hat for dessert. Mom also converted her line into the call and text unli superplan.

November 1 – Dad, Mom, and I went to the cemetery to pay our respects. Mom and I also passed by Ninoy and Cory Aquino’s graves. There were a lot of pretty yellow flowers and decorations! We ate lunch at Aristocrat (YUUUUUM) and then we went to Sai’s house to hang out. Sai made homemade pizza with cheese, mushrooms, and basil on top. Yummy! We had dinner, and then we had dessert and snacks (HAHA) at Bubble Tea! I ordered the Honeydew Melon Milk Tea (I wanted to try it cos it was new) which was delicious, and then we also ordered Takoyaki balls, Philadelphia and Vancouver rolls, and squid.

November 2 – I started to organize some of my things. I threw out a bunch of things because our house is getting reallyyy messy! Hahahaha.

November 3 – I went to school for registration. I went to CSRC for the Bio but I was told to wait for the other classes to be filled, so that I can get back Tiff’s class. I then proceeded to do my registration. I spent the whole day doing that but I finished it, yay! All I have left to do is to pay. Oh yeah, I also had lunch at Friuli with Jammy, Feliz, Sancho, Mitch, Metch, Teej, Bryann and Rach.

November 4 – Long story short, I spent 8 hours in school trying to get back Tiff’s class. I eventually got it back, whew! It’s soooooooo tiring though. Gaaaah!!! I rushed to do the other steps of the reg process and I got to step 5 (out of 10) before the cut-off time.

November 5 – I did steps 6-9 and step 10 was to pay. I waited in line at the OUR for around 3 hours and finally, we’re enrolled! Yayyyy!! I also had lunch with Christian, Kimbies, and Lorraine. Well actually, they had lunch somewhere else while I was waiting in line, and then they brought me food. Aww! Goku, 6ku, and 7ku are hereeeee!

November 6 – We went to the temple for A-kim’s whatchamacallit. We ate vegetarian food and then there were prayers and chanting. I didn’t get to that part anymore because I had to leave early to go to school. We had an EB meeting at KFC Katipunan that lasted for around 3 or 4 hours. After the meeting, Mom, Goku and 6ku fetched me from Recto and we went to SM Manila because 6ku needed to buy a long-sleeved polo shirt for Ahia JR’s wedding. We also shopped around for a bit before going to Sofitel to visit Sai and the rest of her family. They gave us truffles. Yummy! The truffles are so sweet but they’re yummy.

November 7 – Tension and family blahs. Nothing we can’t handle. Hahaha! Sofitel again for hair and make up (which I didn’t really like but whatever) and then we were off to Manila Cathedral for the wedding. I was a reader. Erk. My shoes made my feet hurt like crazy! Sigh. We hung out in the rooms at One Esplanade while waiting for the reception. It was kind of a waste of time. We could’ve went home and rested instead of going directly to One Esplanade but Dad had to use the car. Pfft! Reception. Yummy food! The program was also okay. The venue was beautiful! They had a Winter Wonderland theme. Hee! There was also the issue with Sai’s kiss. HAHAHA! Shoti was also adorable ♡

November 8 – The “boys” tried to fix the computer. Long story short, all the files are now gone but at least it’s working again. It’s still not yet 100% fixed though, there are still some things that need to be done. I hope it gets fixed soon. We had dinner at Sai’s house — leftovers from the reception. Lol! There was also the money counting and gift checking! Hahaha, funny! Tomorrow’s my last first day of college! Wow, I can’t believe it. I’m not yet readyyyy!! Here’s to a great sem, I hope! :)


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