Can you tell me?


Wednesday (September 22) – I think this was when the anti-climactic Latin report happened. Tss. We also had the 136 exam. I really do not know how I did. We continued discussing Daisy Lopez for 117. After that, we moved on to Marra Lanot and Paulina Constancia. We like Constancia’s poems because they’re easy to read and they’re simple. They talk about the simple things in life, so you can really relate to what she’s saying. Lanot is also nice, because she has a distinct writing style. I’m going to post some of their poems (that I like) soon. Sem break, perhaps. We talked about the movie La Haine for 197. Our exams were also returned to us. I thought I had gotten a good grade, until I remembered that an uno for Sir is 99. Erk.

I hung around the mini-fair tents and then Kyle treated us to pancit canton. Yay! Jad and I met up after to eat “dinner” (hotdog sandwich and fruit shake) and to wait for time. We watched Shock Value for the second time around. We weren’t disappointed! Mylene Dizon and John Lapus are sooo good! I really enjoyed watching Shock Value again. Woo!

Thursday (September 23) – I had my 113 final project presentation and well, I gotta add a lot more stuff. Pfft! I’ll think about it. Jad and I also consulted with Ma’am C regarding our thesis. Yay, we’re about done with the first half! I also manned the mini-fair booth the entire afternoon. My “booth” was so popular, and I was able to earn more than P250, I think. Taking into consideration that it only costs P1 for each play, that’s a lot. HAHA! Tiff and I hitched with Kyle home. It was a bit awkward because we’re not close, but it’s all right I guess.

Friday (September 24) – Latin translation work. We got 5 stars. Pfft! It was supposed to be 10. Oh well. I should’ve also went with my guts on the last one. Tsk. We didn’t have 136 because we attended the playwright’s seminar where David Hwang (?) talked about play writing. It was interesting. Jules and Nico (?) also read some lines from M Butterfly and it made me want to watch that play, should it ever be put up again. We discussed Lozada for 117 and I didn’t really like a lot of his poetry. Eck. Our papers were also returned to us and I was really sad and disappointed with the grade I got. Siiiigh. I really really want to maintain my standing, so I know that at this point, every subject and every final grade counts. Afternoon classes were suspended because of the UP president’s forum. Yay! We hung out at Katag and then at the stones. After that, we (Jammy, Sancho, Tiff, TJ) went to TJ’s house to chill. I took a nap. Woohoo!

EURO’s cultural night was a success. I mean, people had fun and we relaxed, so it’s all good. At least it’s over! I also watched Prince of Persia. Nice!

Saturday (September 25) – Tiff and I went to school for the EURO induction. Members and applicants met up at the stones and then we rode Martha and Karla’s car to Teej’s house. I won’t write about the induction anymore but that’s what we did for the whole afternoon/early evening. Then, we waited for dinner to be cooked and then we ate as one org! Monster pizza, spaghetti, fried chicken! Crunch ice cream and coffee crumble ice cream for dessert. Yummy! Then, we hitched a ride with Martha to Katipunan, rode a cab to Ayala Heights (PFFT! We were so stressed because of the cab driver. He’s soo irritable!) and joined CSA’s dice game.

Sunday (September 26) – We went to Sai’s house for a dice game with some of our relatives. Woo we won a lot of… food! Lol!


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