We had a couple more of the final project presentations for 113 class today. There were some people who have not completely grasped the English language yet. I’m not completely judging them, because I know that I am not a perfect speaker as well but sometimes, simple S-V agreement should be common knowledge. Hmmm. It’s also weird that some people haven’t started with their projects yet, being that we’ve known about it for the past couple of months. Oh, crammers.

We talked about Marra Lanot’s poems today. I like her poems because they’re good and they’re easy to read. She is a part of the feminine tradition in the sense that she talks about women and for women. She does not objectify women (unlike the masculine tradition of poetry) and she speaks of them wholly. I’ll talk more about that next time. Lol!

Jad and I went to the lib to study for our 136 exam. I was sleepy and I found this book on the table that seemed interesting so I browsed through it. I ended up borrowing the book. I studied for a while and then zoned out. Haha! Met up with Trish to give her the money and then talked with Mitch about the cultural night program. I also hung out at the stones with Trish and Kyle. When they left, I went to FC to look at the bulletin boards. Bumped into Kerr and we talked for a while. Hitched with Kimbies home. Yay! It was a good thing I was able to hitch because it rained hard and the streets were flooded. Tsk, drainage system.

Random stuff (mostly thoughts from my Twitter):

I’m in a constant search for inspiring blogs but I prefer blogs from people I know. There are a couple of blogs I read from people I don’t know as well. It takes a while for me to like them, though. There are a lot of blogs out there and it’s hard to look for one you would like.

To you: You inspire people without even knowing it :) I’m inspired by your posts!

Planning my Taiwan trip with my cousin when I should be studying for my exam. Eep! 16 days to gooo!!!

What’s with lip balms? I have around 4 or 5 from people as souvenirs! Hahaha! I have 1 from LA, 1 from Palawan, 1 from HK, and I forgot where the other 2 came from.

People are starting to realize the value of a foreign language. Hmm. I shall read that article tomorrow. Talking with Jad awhile ago about the stuff I read over the weekend made me realize that I… read a lot of stuff over the weekend. Lol! Spain’s beca problem, economy problem, Halliday’s chunking, Room, etc.

Latin: Ubi est temperantia?

It’s right here and I’m loving it. I’m growing up!

I’m sooo watching Life As We Know It!! Josh Duhamel! GAAAAAAAAAAAH ♥ Hahahahaha. Heigl is okay too. Heigl has soo many movies! She sure knows how to pick movies. The Killers was good! Ashton Kutcher is cute in that movie!

It’s almost 2AM and I’m still awake! I have to be up by 6:30. Shocks. Ta-ta!

I’m watching Shock Value again with Tiff and Jad tomorrow. Sleg, her mom and her boyfriend are also watching with us! Woo Mylene Dizon and John Lapus!


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