Waka waka!


Sunday was a bit eventful. We went to Sai’s house again, but this time the kids weren’t with us. Boo! The “grown-ups” didn’t want the children to come along because they would be too much of a mess and they wanted to leave the house. Aww! Anyway, we ate a lot of stuff at their place, as usual. After that, we went to TriNoMa, walked around, and settled down in Fish and Co. for dinner.

This waiter kept on hovering and we just laughed at him. Whoops! We ate a lot! We ordered the New York Fish and Chips, the Pork Chops, and the Salmon. YUMMY! We were so full after that!

We then watched In Your Eyes, this Filipino film starring Claudine Barretto, Richard Gutierrez and Anne Curtis. We did not like it! The movie made absolutely NO SENSE at all! Tssss.

Monday was spent at home watching CSI episodes! I also watched a lot of movies while waiting for the episodes to load. I watched Chloe, According to Greta, A Decent Proposal, and Aliens in the Attic. The only one I really liked was the last one. It was funny and interesting!

Had our panel discussion today. It was all right, I guess. I’m not sure. Oh well! At least it’s over.

I also started reading a book Tiff bought from the booksale yesterday. The Movies of my Life by Alberto Fuguet. It was originally written in Spanish but the one she bought was an English translation. Too bad! I could see from the lines that it was better if it were in Spanish. Oh well. I also learned about a literary movement in Latin America (which the author and this book is a part of) called McOndo. It’s a movement wherein the character would have Latin American roots but would live in the urban/prefer the urban? Something like that. It was a countermovement to magical realism.

Met up with Latin group mates and we translated the homework. We also talked about our report, which is going to be a skit! I bet it’ll be funny!

On the way home, the jeep was full but the driver insisted on letting more passengers in. Long story short, this cute guy sat beside me but because the space was so small, it was like he was already seated on top of my right leg. HAHAHA!

I walked to the notary place to have that document notarized. Finally.

I downloaded Switch by Ashley Tisdale, Superman by Joe Brooks, and Waka Waka by Shakira last night! Woo, new chill songs!

Okay, ta-ta!


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