I’m ready.


What has been happening to me these past few days? Let me break it down for you.

I got to use the microfilm reader/view a microfilm for the first time! I was supposed to borrow Vicente Bautista’s anthology Luzónicas from the main lib, but apparently, because it is such a rare book, they had it made into a microfilm to preserve it. In my opinion however, it isn’t really preserved well because the copy was a bit.. blurry. I don’t think it was because of my eyes. HAHA!

After that, the feeling of wanting to type the poems and make them available online came over me. It’s so hard to find sources about the Philippines (in this case, Filipino poetry/poets) online, so I want to encode them. A friend told me that they’re protected by copyright laws so I won’t be able to do that. Hmm. I could type a couple of poems though. I just can’t type the whole anthology, according to the same friend. Let me think about that.

I went to the Chili’s blogger event. It was supposed to start at 1: 30 PM and we were there by like 1: 20 PM but it started at around 2: 30 PM. Gosh. It ate up our whole afternoon. They introduced their new burgers and dessert (I’m going to write a separate entry for this)

We watched Head On for 197 class. It’s a film about these 2 Turks who are in Germany. It’s basically a film about transnationalism, hybridity, fragmentation, integration and displacement — the same topics we’ve been talking about in class. It was actually my first time to watch a German film, or a film that had something to do with Turks. The film was good in the sense that it made you think about these people, but there were some pretty disturbing scenes that I can’t (ever?) forget. Erk.

We’re discussing Balmori and Bernabe’s balagtasan for 117 class. It’s funny how I’m reading/we’re talking about a Spanish balagtasan and I haven’t even read a Filipino balagtasan. I don’t know what came first. I’m going to read one by Francisco Baltazar (Balagtas) soon, just so I could also read one in Filipino.

I went to Instituto Cervantes to look at the page numbers of the books. Tss, citing is such a hassle. Lol! It’s such a hot day! The LRT line 1 was jam-packed, so the air conditioning wasn’t effective. I got to Instituto looking like a wet duck. Boo!

I’m writing a book for 113 class! OMG. We were actually supposed to write a final paper, then it became a journal type of paper, and finally, it became a book. Tsk. This could be interesting. Let’s see how this goes. It’s just so hard to start writing because there are also a lot of other things to do, and writing a book needs focus and proper research. Hmm, we could also write from experience but again, it takes focus and coherence of thoughts. Lol.

I accompanied Mom to Silver City for Natrapharm’s event. The food was delicious, and they had a bar! I ordered 2 glasses of mango juice, and then I had a margarita. I have never had a margarita so I wanted to taste it. It was disappointing! I dunno, I just didn’t like its taste.

Janine (I wasn’t able to take down her surname) from Miss Saigon Broadway sang. After, Jose Mari Chan performed! He’s good! Plus, he sang a lot of songs that I didn’t know were his compositions. Wow! He sang songs such as “Beautiful girl”, “Please be careful with my heart”, and “Can we just stop and talk a while”. He also sang “I fell in love with the same girl 3 times.” It was actually the first time I heard this song. It was also my first time to know of its background. Apparently, it was a poem written by Ninoy Aquino for Cory Aquino on their 19th wedding anniversary. Jose Mari Chan just made it into a song. Aww!

He accidentally opened the file, and she suddenly remembered all the things connected to that file. She thinks the reason why the feeling is still there is because of all the stupidity that was linked to it. Kids.

My subconscious is playing tricks on me! I had this wonderfully weird dream when I took a nap earlier this evening. In my dream, I was in a place with my “group mates” and when I was about to go home, this guy from my group (I didn’t see his face!) offered to take me home. Apparently, we’re more than just friends. There’s something between us? When I arrived at my house, there were a bunch of m– there so I told the guy to go straight home. Before stepping out of the car however, I gave him a kiss on the cheeks. HAHAHA hmmmm. I wonder who this guy could be.

Have you ever felt like you were ready to die? Like you’ve lived your entire life and even if there are still a lot of things in store for you, you are already contented with what you have and what you’ve done? Hmm, I think a part of me feels that way. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing though.

Okay that’s it. I’m going to bed!

With Jose Mari Chan :)


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